You quickly grabbed everything you needed and piled it into your bag. So, in other words, she put you on birth control. You tagged along with Sam and Connor as they did a vlog. You grabbed your phone calling Michael. Luke sighed heavily, his head in his hands. You opened the door and saw him lying down on his bed.

Why would you be so stupid to stay with him! She made a mistake, that happens. You had graduated high school last month and you were planning on moving into you new apartment with your two best friends in about five days, so everything was super hectic for you at the moment. Your eyes widened as he barged into your room with just enough time to see you pull away from your girlfriend. You opened 5sos eyes to preference Five freaking seconds of homework in your bed preference.

I hugged him back and nodded. You wanted to be sure if you wanted to that things would be uhh protected? You nodded, grasping her hand which was shaking slightly.


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You talked for a while as you got to know each other. One with black hair and blue fringe,another with a black sort of mohawk and the last with dark blonde curly hair.

5sos preferences bsm homework

Michael Age2 You sat silently on his lap, as you continues to intensely watch Call Of Duty on the screen, as Michael played.

What homewrk you do to my sister? You two can go out. Your back was pressed against your chair as you looked out of the window in your room, your phone in your hand as you were snapchatting with some of your friends. Just as soon you hit the pillow you were out like a light.

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Seconds later a loud australian voice came though the door. The gsm were gonna be staying at your place for two weeks being they had a break in their tour. Soon enough, your friends went home and Michael was sent up to bed, you were pretty tired so you went up to bed too. It was 3 am.


#19 BSM He Helps You With Your Homework (Muke) – Luke