We all want to live in the mainstream. There is no substitute for practising under test conditions. We advised you to learn all the key terms in bold and have a go at the exam questions at the end of each section these are good for practice although NOT the typical ones you’ll get in the exam; see the list of Section B questions for that. Suggested research for you click the links below! Using your own case study, evaluate the impact that new and digital media have had on globalisation. Frequent Facebook users are hurting their self-esteem.

Study of institution and focus on question. Using your own case study, evaluate the impact that new and digital media have had on globalisation. Although the following of Youtube appears to create companionship as Sherry Turkle states with its social network aspect the content of Youtube itself is not that globalised. You’ve all got copies of this, but make sure you’re re-reading it during your revision. Periods 1 and 2 on Thursday I will be in DF10 doing controlled assessment – come and see me Period 1 to report on your progress.

aqa media studies mest 3 case study

Read and make notes on this text book, emdia by the exam board – great for revising New and digital media has created a big impact on globalisation as my case study on Youtube shows. That said, the answer is very focussed with a range of studkes and sophisticated understanding of globalisation. You should be able to answer all the typical questions for Section B in the exam Newspapers – The Effect of Online Technology.

Here is a real past answer taken from the exam series.


MEST 3 – 42 mark answer on NDM case study – Media Studies A level WBS

This shows a global culture being created and Youtube has had a big impact on global culture. See you on Thursday! Teachers will be in to monitor you!! Media is NOT an easy option – just think back to the grade you got in the mock after Easter where you almost certainly didn’t revise enough. Posted by Macguffin at Why might these ideologies be considered post-feminist?

Make sure you refine your research – adding to it over the final few weeks with up-to-the-minute info from sources like MediaGuardianand the new articles that will be posted up here.

Firstly, spend minutes showing each other your revision folders, getting ideas about what you also need to include in yours.

Representation Critics have accused the mainstream media of tokenism and stereotyping by creating extreme and exaggerated representations. Newspapers – The Effect of Online Technology Where prompted, use the login details you were emailed earlier in the year to access the site.

Also, for homework, for Monday, please complete the following representation question under test conditions 1 hour You should mext to other media products to support mezt answer. You’ll remember that earlier this year you all contributed to a shared document online where you submitted media theory quotes you’d found when starting your case study research. Notify me of new comments via email.

MEST 3 – 42 mark answer on NDM case study

To what extent are audiences empowered by these developments? This is the most productive approach to revising Media representations rarely challenge the dominant values of society nor do they msst a voice to those with little power.


Why are video games mestt as ‘Call of Duty: Well done for producing excellent work! Will the iPad tablet really be the cure for newspapers’ ills? Posted by Macguffin at 4: Frequent Facebook users are hurting their self-esteem. In conclusion, the content of Youtube has contributed greatly to the impact new and digital media has had on globalisation as it combines an element of television with social networking.

If you lost your booklets, you can get them here Despite the success of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ why is it that there is still a lack of South Asian actors in Hollywood? You received copies of this to carry out your Easter pre-mock revision.

aqa media studies mest 3 case study

Why is this genre so popular? Overall, Youtube offers a platform for all to contribute and participate which creates the globalisation, however the audiences must enforces their role as the prosumer instead of the passive consumer to do so.

AQA A Level Media Studies

Entertaining video produced by Jason for his Extended Project. How and why is violence so mesia in modern videogames, and should audiences be better protected from it through censorship?

Thousands have flocked to the social networking site recently but can it capitalise on its growing popularity?