They do not want to waste time reading irrelevant material. If you are still unsure about which organisation to base your work on, before submitting your TMA it would be a good idea to have an informal discussion with your tutor about the options available to you. Your answer should make reference to publicly available information about the organisation. Your work on Activity 4. That is how new knowledge is generated!

Have I shown my ability to engage with the module concepts in online discussions? But, as you may have found when undertaking Activity 4. If you are unsure about any aspects of the University and module policy, please ask your tutor for advice in the first instance. Working at improving your skills in arguing a case is worth doing not only because it will help you gain higher marks, but also because the effort invested in writing well will also help you learn the ideas presented in this module. Otherwise read it as soon as it becomes available and plan your revision on how you answer the EMA.

Current and potential shareholders 8 marks 2.

b203 tma 02 essay

Human resource management Please make sure that you read all parts of the TMA and the guidance notes carefully before attempting this TMA. Make sure that you cite all sources of information and include them in a reference list at the end of the assignment, including b2003 or procedures from your organisation.

B Business functions in context is assessed through six tutor-marked assignments TMAs and esssay three-hour end-of-module examination. Essay outline 2 marks 2.

For assignments that are divided into parts with their own word limits, if the total length is not excessive you are unlikely to be penalised if part-limits are exceeded — but it is also likely that the quality of the answers will have suffered. The share price of Dixons Retail plc on 30 April is 45 pence per share 35 pence on 30 April and it has been around this level for the past few months. There are six easy to follow steps to this. Part 3 15 marks Review your notes on all the Block 2 activities and reflect on the process of contributing to your TGF during this block.


DO let me know how you get on with this. You may include information such as facts and figures in appendices if they are explicitly discussed in the body of the assignment.

El tma /2 – منتديات طلاب الجامعة العربية المفتوحة

As explained in the B Module guide, the weighting for TMA eessay is relatively low because it comes early in the module and develops your skills for the later TMAs. You will need to access the information through the internet, the press, or via publications provided by the organisation, so you need to ensure you have sufficient time available for this research. This does not mean that your reflections are unimportant, but tm the fact that by this stage in the module you should have developed and refined your study skills for B, and had considerable practice with the key and professional skills.

Alternatively, you may visit the Open University website at www. Your answer should be based around a diagram, which can have a similar layout to tmaa one in Figure 9.

b203 tma 02 essay

You may not agree with the analysis or approach taken by all your group members. Here are some reasons why.

Six Steps to an Awesome Open University Assignment

Skip to main content. When applying theory to an answer follow this approach: However, this does not pick up everything. Assignments are the main means by which you and your tutor communicate. This does not mean it has to be b023 in terms of separate functional departments, but it does need to be a large enough enterprise for you to analyse how all five of the B business functions contribute to its survival. You do not have to attend tutorials, although this is strongly recommended and tutors normally include a briefing and debriefing on TMAs during each tutorial.


ITEM Allocated marks 1. If you have the time it is always worth reading the original ideas as referenced in the course material and you can copy references from the course material if you need help with formatting them.

In many TMAs there should be no need to include any appendices. Your response may be shorter than the word limit. It will essxy them the chance to exercise several of the skills they acquired throughout the course, like practicing process writing skills that help them produce an academic essay, mainly, thinking about the topic, brainstorming, reading about the topic, outlining, drafting, editing for content, proofreading for language and mechanics errors, and rewriting.

Have I shown knowledge and understanding of the module concepts covered in the material? Tutors and module teams apply University policies to detect and pursue suspected plagiarism. Thinking about your work on the case study from Blocks 2 to 6, identify up to three functional models or concepts which you feel were particularly esay to your own analysis of the case study and briefly explain their importance.

If so, one option is to explore what you have learned from Block 3 and would enjoy trying to apply in your ideal job, or through voluntary work.

This assignment will help students achieve the learning outcomes expected from this course.

b203 tma 02 essay

On this occasion you probably will not need to include a separate conclusion, as your answers to the three questions should each have their own concluding points.