Activities within the EYFS are based on what children already know about and can do. If you have one or two toys that you would like to donate can you please bring them in next week and by Monday 1 st of April at the latest. Homelink Letter 14 — 8th March Those 6 straws per day added up surprisingly quickly and we were all shocked by how many they had collected in such a small space of time, from so few children. Maths Week continues in lots of places over the weekend so click here to find out what else you could get up to. Walls are pupil friendly and information should be relevant and useful.

Maybe even including decimal numbers. Marcel Borzecki is at Buckstone Primary School. David Hood checked in to Buckstone Primary School. We practised our planning skills during this process too. Posts about Buckstone Primary School.

Buckstone Primary School September 2014

The letter contains all necessary information. We used researching and note taking along with skimming and scanning to improve our prove its. Ian Inglis is at Buckstone Primary School.

buckstone primary school p7 homework

We decided to support our Buddies in P2M to teach them playground games which will help them play co-operatively. Our P4s wrote and recorded a song with Margaret and Christy and it was a fascinating process to watch. Supporting your child at home and at school.

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We all had great fun doing a jumping photo for the display board! As a class we are challenging ourselves with our Ultimate Times Table Challenges. Engaging with Drummond is part of transition process for P6 and P7 as they approach high school age and allays some nerves for the P7s who have realised just how close they are to leaving primary school! They are working documents which will build up over the year and which will contain group targets, personal targets and evidence collected to show progress.


This will last for 4 weeks. The whole area was abuzz with bunting signalling which houses were open to showcase a variety of art.

We plan to open Bookings on Tuesday 6th March at Some examples of toys we would like are Books Action figures or Barbies Soft toys Cars Baby toys so you can buy them for younger brother and sisters Board games Loom bands Lego Cards Can you please make sure the toys are clean and good quality.

Remember to do your reading homework each week so that you can join in on these discussions. Here are some reflections of our week. The results were amazing!

Buckstone Primary School

We found out how many possible options there are compared to how many chances there are. This definitely called for a special celebration. This was a great addition to the preparations to move onto high school and another good opportunity to mix with P7s from our other cluster primaries, many of whom will be going to Drummond too next year. For spelling we were given a list of tricky words and we learned how to spell them and how to put them in context within our writing.

Readiness for handwriting; gross and fine motor skills leading to letter formation. P1 — P5 -Targets and comment sheets will be stored in a small file. It might be a good time to have a spring clean! If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Have a lovely weekend! We used our multiplication and division skills to problem solve fraction questions. This is what 6 straws per day over just a few weeks looks like.


Homeworkk and see them as part of the Colony of Artists festival in September ! Pupils respect and value each others similarities and differences and support each other, there are few incidences of negative behaviour, name-calling, racist or sexist comments. As with any new initiative we will no doubt experience some teething problems, but we do hope you will welcome this more individualized approach.

Literacy We wrote imaginatively newspaper articles, stories, diary entries about when Neville Chamberlain made his famous speech.

buckstone primary school p7 homework

Grammar — we are reinforcing how to use apostrophes in the correct way. As part of this topic we have created Propaganda posters.

We have been budgeting for our trip to Paris. On Wednesday, our doors were open as part of the city-wide catchment schools Open Day which gives parents of children who will be going into P1 in August to come and see our school and ask any questions.