A second characteristic of a thesis is that, no matter what the topic or methodology used, the intent of the research is to make a contribution to the field. As you read through the literature, you will gain a better understanding of what is known about your topic and key unanswered questions. At minimum, you may summarize your academic background and honors and pertinent employment history. Sample Abstract Appendix N: Also, word processing packages contain spelling and grammar checks which can help with the writing process. Completion of appropriate course work as defined by the student s area Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical, or I. Committee members will ask you to explain what you did, what you found, and what it means, and to discuss your research intelligently in the context of others’ findings in the area.

Completing a thesis requires sustained initiative and focus for an extended period of time. It is required for graduation. You really want to finish and get that degree. These requirements assure that your thesis is submitted in a format that is suitable for binding and retention in the university library. What constitutes research methodology varies widely across fields.

Indeed, starting your research without human or animal subject approval is unethical and potentially exposes you and the university to legal complications.

For example, in the physical sciences, research often but not always involves the use of experimental procedures in a laboratory setting; in the humanities, research may involve a descriptive or interpretative analysis of some piece of literature; and in the social sciences, research may involve surveys or field studies. If it seems that a possible topic would take a long time to complete assuming regular effortyou should consider narrowing the topic or selecting another topic.

Examples are also found on the University s library home page where the theses collections are found. Students should NOT use ring binders or any other means that would create perforations to the thesis; these will not be accepted. A fourth issue that falls under the heading of feasibility is the availability of faculty support. Margins and Spacing Since the original copy of the thesis will be bound, there should be a left margin of at least one and one-half inches.


Appendix N provides an example. The master’s thesis is required of all graduate students completing degrees under the Plan A option.

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Research activities, such as a thesis, usually focus on a limited area, exploring a very specific issue or question. Chapter 4 enumerates specific departmental handboom. The first clamp-type binder should contain the original abstract and the original handhook.

The thesis represents a report of original scholarship completed under the supervision of a faculty thesis advisor. On the other hand, if you have developed your thesis idea without consultation with any faculty which is not recommended!

ccsu graduate thesis handbook

Studies Page of this Policy 1 of 1 3. The chairperson of your committee must be a full-time member of the Department in which you are earning your degree.

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Master s Degree Requirements: The length of time to obtain a graduate degree will remain at six years from initial acceptance and courses included on the planned program of study. Students electing to write a thesis, in accordance with department or program policy, will select or be assigned a faculty thesis advisor.

Without such assistance, you can get stuck at some point in your research and have no one to help you. Quality of the Dissertation. Wilkening, f anderson, n. MyCatalog Add this page Print this page. Students may also refer to the Master’s Thesis Handbook or the Special Project Handbook or contact the School of Graduate Studies or the Office of Sponsored Programs for more detailed information regarding conducting research using human subjects.


It is best to submit materials at least to your committee chair one chapter at a time. Rochester Institute of Technology Master’s Thesis Guidelines for Students and Faculty The objective of this document is to provide guidance for students and faculty committees concerning the planning. Dissertation Quality of the Dissertation The dissertation is a scholarly work that represents an investigation of a problem of significance.

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Rob Stewart Contact Information: A digitized copy of the thesis is also required, accompanied by the permission form signed by the student and thesis advisor. When writing an abstract, it is important to be exact, concise, and unambiguous. While many students think of the proposal as a hurdle one must negotiate before getting to graduahe real work, in fact, a well- crafted proposal represents significant progress toward the end product.

ccsu graduate thesis handbook

You are asked to demonstrate your skills in using the methodologies of your field to examine a topic of interest to your discipline. However, the Graduate School also has certain style guidelines that govern: Up one level Doctoral Degree Requirements.

As the results are examined and initial hypotheses or expectations confirmed or negated, students begin to understand, more clearly than ever before, the human side of the research enterprise.