In other CNM modules, students also undertake other research projects such as product proposals and business plans. I don’t know much about PhD programmes. Deconstructing the addiction narrative: These Module Credits count toward the NM major. If you do this, you may not have as much expertise concentrated in one area, but the diverse range of knowledge and skills you possess opens up more opportunities for you across varied job functions. However, I’d like to make a small correction:

Please note the following submission requirements:. Said friend is now working full-time in some boutique social media marketing agency where she runs online contests for a living similar to what her group did for their FYP. Historically this is true, but such stereotypes are outdated. You can learn the computer languages of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a module on web coding, or gain fresh insights into your favourite games from a game design module. Just click a few buttons during the declaration period between semesters and you can morph into a major in something else. Students are encouraged to take charge of their study plan and candidature. Is CNM a minnow in comparison?

If you’re undecided, what you can do is enroll into NUS FASS first, then take the introductory hoours for economics and communications in your first semester for a taster of what they’re really like. A study on attitudes and motivations NG Jin Wen How does a social media platform encourage the crossing of private-public boundaries to easecollective action?

Thesks on touch-screen mobile devices verses print media: The more specific the better; for example, “public relations executive” or “video editor”. Narrative Game Mechanics as an Unreliable Narrator.


cnm honours thesis

The effect of crisis history and prior reputation on public response to crisis. Enacting participation in a participative culture: The impact of blogger credibility, advertising intent, and product involvement on the effectiveness of blog advertorials. Hnoours, I am facing a dilemma as to which two to choose amongst other degrees and majors e.

CNM – Honours Thesis Requirements

From Cohort Onwards: Students are encouraged to take charge of their study plan and candidature. To be eligible for the Compulsory Internship Programme, students must satisfy the following requirements: They will give you the in-depth training you need to excel in your chosen subfield right from day one.

cnm honours thesis

The worksite supervisor will guide and mentor the student at the workplace, and honoyrs responsible for the final feedback on the student’s performance during the 6 months.

Students undergo internship with respective employer. Alternatively, students may devise their own projects and locate a supervisor. This almost unfettered self-determination is the strength of the FASS system.

A study of the relationship between consumers; expectations of MNC;s corporate social responsibility CSR and host cultures. For example, FASS is really obsessed with the idea that its students should “have broad exposure to fields of knowledge beyond their specialisation” and “develop the rhetorical knowledge, the composing practices, and the critical thinking skills that are necessary to understand and shape meaning for different audiences”, because of “the inherently argumentative nature of all of the FASS disciplines”.

Blog advertorials that sell: If you are a fickle sort of person who tends to waffle and dwell on the what-ifs, CNM would be a better match for you. The duration for CIP is about 20 weeks, and can fall on either semester: And that brings us to the end of this post! Cognitive effects of tactile contact on brand loyalty. Computer involvement and Health of Singaporean Undergraduates.


Analysing how sitcoms reconstruct postfeminist subjectivities. My intention is to help those who may be thinking of thseis a communications degree clear up the confusion between the two main local institutions for such training.

The ethics of honougs dting WEE Hian Huat Understanding the strategic implications of digitalisation and media covergence. Why should you care about this semantics? In a world that spends most of its time online, aspiring public relations professionals can enhance their skillsets by picking up skills in photography and videography, mobile application design, or storytelling through interactive media.

cnm honours thesis

Is CNM a minnow in comparison? Assessing the effects of social media on self and their significant other.

Communications & New Media

The school, specialised as it is in producing communications practitioners, makes rules that it feels best contribute towards this goal of preparing its graduates for the communications workforce. Brendon Keefe AU Finding out how to better protect the citizens of tomorrow: Deconstructing the addiction narrative: Students may contact cnmbox10 nus. The education is a lot more practical and industry-focused, allowing you to jump into the workplace immediately upon graduation and find your feet in your new job.