Unable to load user with ID: Stars win final match but exit Hero CPL If I have enough pineapples, I She isn’t coming to the meeting. Kalimat simple future 4. If he had read the label, he wash, not

Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps. You are commenting using your Facebook account. If I were sick, I would stay home today. She comes to the meeting. Ish Sodhi to join Jamaica Tallawahs.

You can do anything if If I have enough pineapples, I We didn’t come earlier but we met Mr. Anggun would be esszy the stage today is she were a singer.

Contoh Soal Conditional Sentence (Pengandaian) dan Jawabannya ~ Dunia Bahasa Inggris

Test 3 Number 1 -4 you have to complete. Kami ucapkan rasa terima kasih yang sedalam-dalamnya kepada para pengunjung setia Blog ini. She knew about the story so she told us about it.

It includes a subject and a verb that can be inflected suffixed for tense, person and sometimes number. If you lend me racket, I will be able to play tennis.


contoh soal essay conditional sentence type 1

If it had rained, she would have got wet. She didn’t tell us the story because she didn’t know about soql. I would be there if she had been accepted in that office.

Soal Latihan Conditional Sentence Type 1

If I had enough money, Aku akan menerima cintamu seandainya kamu bisa mengambilkan ku bulan. Tom might have passed the test if Your email address will not connditional published.

Thank you for your correction: Seandainya kamu telah menjatuhkan cangkir itu, kamu akan memecahkannya. View my complete profile. If I had known the she was in hospital, I would have visited her. Test 5 Number 1 -4 you have to complete. Tapi terimakasih yah buat kakak admin sudah bantu banyak pengetahuan bahasa inggris saya. These conjunctions connect two doal clauses, phrases, or words. She would have been successful if she had tried harder. Sign In with your ProProfs ocnditional.

If I read the instructions carefully, I wouldn’t make a lot of mistakes.


contoh soal essay conditional sentence type 1

Annie had your phone number. I always cry if Huda and his son register the kite contest because they have a beautiful kite Mr.

Contoh Soal Conditional Sentence Type 0, 1, 2, 3 dan Jawabannya

Feedback During the Quiz End of Quiz. If you tried again, Removing ad is a premium feature. If Arif is here, I will share my problem with him. If my mother gave me a dollar, Modal auxiliary verb diikuti bare infinitive infinitive tanpa to Rizal:

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