Primarily the people took shelter in the local educational institutions and from where all of the educational materials washed out by the storm surge. MOF Ministry of Finance , The actions should be set off at local, national, regional and international level. Help Center Find new research papers in: Food Policy 19, no 2 16 O.

During the study, a total of 14, people in 2, families of Aila affected people are found in the Khulna city and its peri-urban areas. CLEAN promotes local ecology based adaptation to ensure sustainable livelihoods of natural resource dependent coastal communities through environmental protection. There are some policies including ‘Khasland state owned land Distribution Policy, Ashrayan relocation Policy and Social Safety Net Services to safeguard the vulnerable communities. The books and other educational materials of the students also washed out from their houses. At least two people have been confirmed to have died from diarrhea and two other fatalities were reported. But the global leaders showed less responsibility to mitigate the crisis That is why, people from same localities or villages concentrated in the same slum.

A large portion of displaced people Figure 5: They tried to survive in the areas for at least one week after Aila.

Throughout the state, an estimated 40, homes were destroyed andothers were damaged. When they had lost their homestead lands and essential commodities they had to migrate from the areas. stjdy

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On the basis of age classification 8. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. No injuries were reported in the state. These groups are the major working force of the country caase.


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Numerous trees were uprooted and power lines were downed, causing widespread power outages. Most of the houses of rural areas are made of mud or bamboo.

cyclone aila case study bangladesh

Such disasters are the result of incremental and rapid ecological change and disruption that include increased droughts, desertification, sea level rise, and the more frequent occurrence of extreme weather events such as hurricanes, cyclones, flooding and 7 IOM The rate of poverty in these areas is The total agricultural land of these areas isMinistry of Environment and Forest. Can large scale environmental migrations be predicted? The remnants of Aila produced gusty winds and heavy rains in the eastern Indian state of Meghalaya between May 25 and Additionally the forest remains under an estimated 2.

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That is why, people from same localities or villages concentrated in the same slum. Despite warnings to remain at port, numerous fishing vessels sailed into the storm. Port officials stated that more than fishermen had gone missing since the storm made landfall.

cyclone aila case study bangladesh

Annex-1 Countries The developed and industrialised countries who are responsible for historical Greenhouse Gas emissions; and responsible to reduce emission and to help the developing countries according to UNFCCC.

Thousands of people are seen gathered in front of any boat or truck which supplied water for the Aila victims. Retrieved October 15, Satkhira Shyamnagar 3 36, Assasuni 2 11, Total: Migration Climate Refugees Amendment Bill of Australia to create a new visa category for the displaced people.

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It is also necessary to estimate alternative and additional management of essential services, housing, legal procedure and secured livelihood. The caze pattern has cyclohe changed and is affecting traditional agriculture and natural resource dependant peoples, who are the poorest and deprived part of the society.


In comparison to earlier cyclones, that of similar magnitude, Cyclone Aila caused lower death toll due to implementation of efficient early warning systems, cyclone shelters and disaster relief allocation system.

Climate change is expected to make the world hotter, rainfall more intense, and result in more extreme weather events such as droughts, storms and floods. In some areas, cyclone shelters were also flooded and unusable due to inadequate location selection process and poor maintenance. Retrieved May 27, International Journal of Disaster Risk Science. But when water scarcity with food crisis arisen, they had to migrate to the nearby cities and urban areas.

Water and Urban Development Paradigms: Besides, 4 FGDs were organized in the affected areas i. People from cyclone Aila affected area have been suffering due to livelihood damage and asset base that put community people into poverty trap even though disaster related deaths have been reduced significantly due to different types of structural and non-structural measures.