I provide my students with supervision at all times, act with courtesy and compassion and am an advocate for all learners. Within this setting students acquire and develop the skills which will enable them to develop themselves into good citizens and active members of their respected communities. I am committed to being conscious of and working within the DECD WHS guidelines whilst conducting myself with staff, students and the wider school community. Whilst teaching at Adelaide High School I used the schools Behavioural Management policy to support my classroom practice. I have planned, implemented and assessed units of work that fit in with the SACE curriculum. Every decision I make is based on respect and integrity.

I promote mutual respect in my classroom. I actively seek to forge networks with other teachers through online groups and forums as well as conferences. In my classroom I encourage student participation and involvement in all activities. I am able to engage on a professional level with all staff and believe I communicate in a professional and effective manner at all times. I provide my students with supervision at all times, act with courtesy and compassion and am an advocate for all learners. I support and acknowledge the cultural background of all my students and plan for and integrate commemorative events into my teaching that celebrate this diversity. I understand the importance of using a variety of approaches to ensure different needs are catered for.

I model appropriate behaviours and engage with students using effective communication.

Personal Statement

When developing a learning sequence I use the Learning by Design pedagogy and placemat to illustrate how a particular activity sequence aligns itself with the four knowledge principles of experiencing, conceptualising, analysing and applying. My university studies focused on Chemistry and Biology. I understand the importance of collecting quality assessment information that provides evidence of achievement towards standards, so that reporting is accurate and meaningful.


I regularly use positive reinforcement and praise, in the confidence that my students will continually display the desired behaviours I have modelled as their educator. I view cross curriculum learning as a priority and I do so by ensuring my students are competent writers and mathematically syatement standard. I am able to report on student achievement in examplws ways, using both formative and summative assessment. These relationships exqmples assisted in the scaffolding process.

As a Science teacher I will be able to incorporate elements of safety and mental health into the delivery of my courses. I ensure students ztatement the opportunities to learn and develop skills in a variety of ways, including through group activities and online assessments.

As a classroom teacher I will participate in multiple forms of communication such as face-face conferences, telephone, email and daymap.

decd personal statement examples

Students of the 21 st Century are digital natives and I will incorporate cyber safety and teach strategies for students to crosscheck facts found on the Internet. I actively facilitate this by supporting students with both school and everyday life matters. These discussions allowed for a collaborative approach between parent and student so that the work could be completed to standard. My practicum at Adelaide High School gave me the opportunity to work with a diverse student cohort of many different cultures including some students with language and literacy difficulties, hearing impairment and those who were new arrivals.

I encourage students to take risks with their learning whilst maintaining a safe and supportive environment for all learners.

I aim to make me lessons as interactive as possible. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Students are reminded of safe work practices by discussing issues such as harassment and discrimination, including cyber bullying. I see school exchanges as great learning opportunities for students. I interactively draw diagrams and explain them on the projector via a tablet. This site uses cookies. I also bring with me to the profession a fresh perspective and an understanding of current curriculum, methodologies and pedagogies.


When teaching science, I include local and global scientific related issues, such as environmental and social issues.

By actively participating in learning statemenr other cultures; cultural awareness can be achieved which is a crucial aspect of mutual respect. By setting SMARTAR goals, using the Learning by Design pedagogy and the Teaching for Effective Learning framework TfEL I am able to provide students with an effective learning sequence that builds upon and activates their prior knowledge, has a real life application and is able to be reproduced in different contexts.

This is a great way to keep up with the eexamples in Science and methods of teaching the related subjects.

I use the suggested student work portfolios found on ACARA when planning for summative assessment and when reporting on student successes. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Personal Statement – Emmanuel Mangas

This pedagogy allows me to refine the learning outcomes for a diverse cohort of learners. I promote individuality and innovation in my classroom. Knowledge ststement the current curriculum in the relevant areas. Site priorities and directions are also influenced by the DIAF.

decd personal statement examples

I actively gain support from more experienced teachers and seek advice from others in order to build my own skills. I have completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and practice as a pharmacist.

I have a strong stafement of the What Works framework and focus on using strategies in the classroom that support collaborative and multi-ability learning groups.