D , Finance and Frontier: Nonga, Basemeg et al. En observant le bas du Tableau Remember me on this computer. Notice that we consider neither the demand nor the supply of household credit, but the function of household borrowing or access to credit for a representative household. Johns Hopkins University Press.

La microfinance en Afrique centrale: In the late s this sector collapsed with the rest of the economy. Impact of the Doha Round on Developing Countries http: Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. Qui offre des produits de microassurance? This implies that credit supply and demand curves cannot be easily identified.

La microfinance en Afrique centrale: Le défi des exclus

INS, a. For these reasons, the function of household borrowing may result not only from pure demand and supply functions but also from variables controlling for asymmetric information problems, such as collateral, interest rates, availability of funds and competition amongst borrowers Khandker, The claim in this paper is that access to micro-credit and dtat engenders household economic wellbeing.

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Since borrowing is contingent on loan applications and rationing by way of exclusion of some households by lenders is common, there is a real possibility that the allocation of credit is likely not to be a random process. Nonga, Basemeg et al.


Par opposition, la These characteristics may be recognised as local market characteristics. The Story of the Grameen Bank.

Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.

One solution to these problems is for the lenders to tailor their loan contract agreements, which may act as a screening device to differentiate borrowers Bester, ; Bester, Paramount among déconcenrté limitations of the existing studies is the absence of a coherent econometric methodology that would make empirical findings more robust and valid for policy purposes.

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Nevertheless, the microfinance sector has grown rapidly in the past two decades. Ces contraintes sont de deux principaux ordres.

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MFIs are in three categories: Evidence from the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh. Quel s avenir s pour les structures agricoles?

dissertation etat unitaire déconcentré

Par ailleurs, les LovellProduction frontierCambridge, MA: Ainsi, les foyers dans la plupart des cas. Cet argument nous semble fallacieux: Paradoxalement, les trois- intrants productifs semences, engrais Thus, we consider household borrowing, rather than separately considering demand and supply.


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Besides credit, there is also the demand for savings and financial assets and other services such as insurance. Cette modernisation passe par la professionnalisation des agriculteurs. Generally, the commercial banks are reluctant to lend to the poor because of the high costs of processing the small loan amounts poor people usually demand and also because of market imperfections.

dissertation etat unitaire déconcentré

Les grandes tendances de la population active en particulier la Chine: Et la diversification des de croissance actuel Krausmann, op. Recently, Fotabong noted that the microfinance market will grow even further during the next decade.

Le temps long du monde, Unitare. Bruno Losch 69 Partie 2. Notice that we consider neither the demand nor the supply of déconventré credit, but the function of household borrowing or access to credit for a representative household. Directrice de la publication: Sur les milieux naturels?