Containing philosophical writings and acute observations of Dada performances and personalities, it remains one of the seminal documents of the Dada movement in Zurich. Dissertation la france est elle toujours un etat unitaire. And so, in the chart set up by Crohn- Smith, “cause” for Aristotle has simply become “process” for Cage. While the concept was formulated in , the work on the project started in and continues to the present: However, Arnhem’s ultimate definition of the relationship between art and entropy takes on some of the drama of the “dissolution” version of entropy. Here Young quotes “his favorite poet”, the Chinese Po Chu-i One is the answer made by the cut-up poet Brion Gysin to a rather uncomfortable question posed by the Dadaist Tristan Tzara in the early sixties.

Brecht’s Medicine Cabinet is a case in point. Made to be felt in the here and now, it can only be realized in the future. Caught in an art history construed on the biological model of progeny, Raoul Hausmann typically acts out the double bind in which the avant-garde finds itself 47 Benjamin introduces this term to describe the moment of distancing or destruction in the giving of tradition. And to the extent that artists like La Monte Young reveals the desire which remains the hidden premise of this particularly “real” reality, this ideology may also loose its hold, so as to open once more for the Event or the new. From one perspective it could perhaps have been suggested that its explicit appearance in Neo-Dada implies a first formalization or institutionalization of the trend for so-called process-oriented or time-based art said to be invented by the avant- garde, but this is not the perspective that will be taken here.

One of Ball’s most innovative poetic forms was the sound poem, a string of noises which, when premiered at the Cabaret in Junehe performed with a mesmerizing, almost liturgical intensity.

La Monte Young may be right when he claims that “it was after I focused on what I call the theatre of the singular event that George Brecht started to write pieces that were very refined and reduced in structure”: The Wedding of Miami and Havana explores a particular political case precisely because of its affective actualization of the fundamental theme of continuity that informs all of Brecht’s work, and which is clearly formulated in the following Exercise from the Water Yam box: Hayles’s point of view essentially caters to Cage’s emphasis on the infinity of changes.


And the move to flip reality into fantasy does in fact get its most explicit formulation in a work that would usually not even be considered as sonic at all. This aspect appears because of the way each constant harmony evokes its own unique feeling, affect or state of mind. Scale not size makes it possible to perceive a crack in the wall as the Grand Canyon, or the organization of a room as the solar system.

Hugo Ball – Monoskop

As Young explains, the dadais,e emotional impact of the exactly repeated sound derives from its particular ability to evoke memory and recognition: Now the continuities traced by the mechanism of scale becomes a vehicle for errors of perspective. In marked contrast to this point of view, it is precisely the gap or lack of sense in the function of cause that reveals itself as an event in the static and “boring” work of La Monte Young, and in early Fluxus in general.

dissertation sur le dadaisme

The strategy of boredom and the disappearance that it effects shows us the working of this mise-en-abyme: Environment pollution essay writing. Now it appears only in terms of a sublime fascination for the infinite continuities of the reality-surface.

Dissertation sur le dadaisme

It demarcates a distance to immediate understanding; its meaning lies in deferral. And so, in the chart set up by Crohn- Smith, “cause” for Disserttation has simply become “process” for Cage. Help with spanish 3 homework.

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dissertation sur le dadaisme

Photo courtesy Hans Richter. The tabletop, plates, crumbs and cutlery on Spoerri’s table are such part players. An attempt to discover this act of distancing necessarily also folds back to a question of the forgetting that is being repeated here and the question of the way it came to enact its own “cut through time”.

La maladie on the contrary is vested in the real: The body, as it turns out, is a site of repetition. Zhuangzi’s consciousness of the dream only takes place in the awake state of ordinary reality — for the Interview with La Monte Young, New York, October In this story by Liezi, one of the most important exponents of philosophical Taoism, the Taoist ideal of non-action finds its expression.


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dissertation sur le dadaisme

But in the French Dadaist Francis Picabia already made an image suggestive of such a process. Other expressionist evenings hosted by Ball and Huelsenbeck included the kind of aggressive and theatrical readings that would characterize Dada dissertatin.

L’absurde dans le théâtre Dada et présurréaliste français – Mgr. Mariana Kunešová, Ph.D.

At one point, this wider framework is made explicit, even if Benjamin takes precautions with respect to differences of the fields in question. His Word Piece reproduced in Duckworth and Fleming, Still, it seems likely that the general fascination of entropy theory with its mythical rumors about stasis and the “cooling of the world” exerted a basal emotional pull that may not have been lost on even a of his own work as a field in response to the fact that field theory explores the multidimensional connections of any given element.

How to write a good introduction essay. At the moment in the late disserttion and early sixties when an already historical Dadaism was confronted by the new phenomenon named Neo-Dada, avant-garde artists and historians both had to confront in a new way the historicity of the categories which would sustain their practices.

Dissertation sur le dadaisme

About facebook essay topics. If Dada artists somewhat surprisingly appeared on the art-historical stage to assert their own originality while denouncing latecomers and copycats, Neo- Dada artists often aur to tacitly agree with this point as they defend themselves by claiming their own difference from Dada. Unlike the speech-act theorists, who see the performative as the prime example of the context-dependent here and now of speech, Derrida wants to disturb the notion of a saturated 43 Op.