The ghost of Machiavelli has returned. The lure of power is the topmost factor why people want to enter politics. The second component of criminalisation of politics is ‘muscle power’. Political parties do not welcome such candidates due to their corrupt and undemocratic systems. Democracy implies rule of law, upholding the tenets of Constitution, following the canons of moral and legal propriety.

The second reason for criminalisation of politics is the vote bank politics. Each person knows that that system or practice is corrupt. Criminality, far from deterring voters, encourages them because it signals that the candidate is capable of fulfilling his promises and securing the interests of the constituency. The term crime means an action which constitutes a serious offence against an individual or the state and is punishable by law. The total number of all state Legislatures in

The Lok Sabha had tainted faces out of members. Your email address will not be published. Under current law, only people who have been convicted at least on two counts be debarred from becoming candidates. It is the duty eessay administration-both central and state-to see oolitics the private economy and private property system are working and if they are adversely affecting the interests of the citizens. Our elections involve a lot of black money and it is this factor which has led to criminalisation of politics.

A large amount of money is laundered by politician and bureaucrats. I read ADR ,Sir 17 percent of contestants have declared criminal charges. But there is nobody to protest against it. The judgment of the Supreme Court has thrown both national and regional parties into bewilderment. While exercising franchise it is the duty of the voters to take information about the candidates.


Criminalization of Politics: Nature, Causes and Recent Developments

The simple implication is that the criminal activities of candidates are not important. As a result the whole social atmosphere is vitiated. On the eve of general election the leaders of the party give promises to the electorate. Hence gaining something by the use of political power is a crime and is also punishable. But this is not his due.

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While any random candidate has one in eight chances of winning a Lok Sabha seat, a candidate facing criminal charges is twice as likely to win as a clean candidate.

This will curb the use of money power in election process. indiq

essay on criminalisation of politics in india

Money and muscle power should be curtailed from politics. Criminaliation and crime have come to be associated to each other the way umbilical cord connects mother and infant.

The administration is either neutral during these incidents or takes sides. Inndia, in its 41 page ruling, clarified that convicted law-makers, whose appeals were pending prior to their verdict, were saved as it would come into effect prospectively. Here, starts the vicious circle which has embroiled the Indian politics. By acting in such a manner, we fail to realize that the greatest power that democracy arms the people is to vote incompetent people out of power. The chief aim was to control the private enterprises which provide all sorts of public utility services.


The way the government is now run means that the disciplinary hierarchy of the civil services has completely broken down. If the party luckily comes to power, the members of the ruling party try to implement the promises.

essay on criminalisation of politics in india

Criminalisation of politics and the polotics reasons behind it. Most of them are individually timid and collectively coward. Suggestions of different committees in regard of suspension of criminalisation and its application. This has led to the setting up of regulatory commissions. It is a matter of serious concern that a large number of MPs and MLAs with criminal records are entering the law making bodies.

Serious discussions on important issues are relegated into background.

Criminalization of Politics in India [Mains Article]

How the outside influences or openness of environment are regulating the manner of people is to be ascertained. Many political parties of India fielded candidates who had criminal cases against them. As a result, misuse of political power takes place by the national representatives.

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