Let us analyze, whether we are actually benefiting from these changes and so called developments, or else we are gaining less at the cost of losing more. Industrialisation is a bane not a boon. Is industrialization a blessing yes or a curse help of its most valuable friend “industrialization”. Industralisation has given us stuff but I’m not sure it’s the abundant life Christ spoke off. The invention of the simple wheel has resulted in our modern industrialization.

Though the industrialization has eased the life of people, by offering a huge range of products, but at the same time, it has snatched away the quality of atmosphere, polluting the air through toxic and poisonous emissions. There is always an attempt. Is reservation in India a boon or a bane? The forest land of Amazon river basin and of south Africa is also decreasing. We can see the water bodies got pollluted by the harmful effulents released by the factories without proceesing them.

With a slight deviation from the topic, before winding up this discourse, let esaay examine the amazing role of technology in elevating things from nothing to everything that is actually positive for some, while it is negative for others.

Industrial revolution is blessing because nowadays we are in modern society. Depression rates and suicide rates are up because everyone does the same menial task everyday and it makes them want to kill themselves.

essay on industrialisation boon or bane

The Environmental It was not long until. The environment that birthed us is being poisoned and destroyed and for what? I shall not weary the reader with a recital of the fantastic figures put forward by this group or with corrections to show what the real facts were. Get an answer for ‘Is industrialization advantage or disadvantage?


There is saving of time and labor. Pakistan separated from India, is it a boon or curse? Is industrialization a boon or bane?

I thnk the term industilization is not only attractive but also destructive. In conclusion, the pros outway the cons and the Industrial Revolution is important to the overall development of society. The industrialization, the norm of packaging each and everything and adulterating products, has resulted in reducing the life expectancy of the people.

Let us think on the above, and strive towards making our life happy. Which led to a gap between the necessary growth and the growth that actually happened. We are losing skills to survive in the natural world and the knowledge that being together can bring. But these changes have their merits and demerits.

Jan 19, AP Euro Was the industrial revolution a blessing or a curse to the working Sickness was certainly not uncommon and death rates increased. By Azizur Rahman, The existence of the human being on this earth is as old as the existence of the Earth itself.

Blog stats 4, hits. The television has played a pivotal role in sensationalizing and catapulting them to the pinnacle of fame and stardom. But it will take time. The grave uncertainties in the money-market sometimes bring misfortunes for the common people.


Disadvantages The immediate result is in the gradual disappearance of many natural resources, the pollution of land, water and air.

essay on industrialization is a bane not a boon

Diseases, unheard of before, are spreading far and wide. This site uses cookies. The pros definitely outweigh the cons in the Industrial Rev. For the people who are anti-industrialization I seriously suggest you have serious problems that need to be resolved ASAP.


There is always industrualisation attempt. When the industrial revolution first started, Many children were forced into working to help provide for their families. Spotfixing on Facebook – bit. Life isn’t just about being a farmer with land available to you and a barn and some animals. Another thing that the IR helped us understand is Medicene and other health related stuff and if it wasnt for meds most of us would be here.

Industralisation has given us stuff but Essay not sure bion the abundant life Christ spoke off. They might have their justifications for being rewarded so much for what they do. We cannot claim that all the changes and developments that the world has witnessed so far, have been positive and useful for the people.

essay on industrialisation boon or bane