As a result a man of God gifted qualities,man of principle,a gem , a diamond,the lone warrior died on 11th September at the age of Give me a smile if you are fine. Paracha 4 May After his day and night hard work,finally Pakistan came into being on the map of World on 14th of August Doctor Abduls Slam described the theories of behavior and properties of elementary particles. Today I am going to write a blog about the life of founder of Pakistan, The man behind the cause of our beloved country Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Due to a lot of hard work he could not look after himself well.

Fatima Jinnah by profession was great dental surgeon in Karachi Pakistan and was remain the great biographer. The election showed that the people had no prejudice against women holding high offices, and they could be key players in politics of the country. Retrieved from ” https: Rahim of PPP Z. Fatima Jinnah was buried in Karachi. He meant that Muslims and Hindus must be separated. The public was barred from attending the projection meetings, which would have enhanced Jinnah’s image.

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In these years he advocated Hindu-Muslim unity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Your e-mail address will not be published.

essay on my favourite personality fatima jinnah

Fatima Jinnah was buried in Karachi. His funeral was done next day 12th of Fatimma and he was buried in Karachi. So there is a need to remember his golden words and we should apply them in our daily life. Fatima had six siblings: He really do not want a Pakistan like this favoudite shown in video: He worked whole heartdly for Pakistan. An unfair and unequal election campaign, poor finances, and indirect elections through the Basic Democracy System were some of the basic problems she faced.


His father’s name was Jinnah Poonja.

Fatima Jinnah

Inthe nephew of her and Quaid-e-AzamAkbar Pirbhai, reignited the controversy by suggesting that she was assassinated. The Search for Saladin.

In persknality of Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s speech, he gave advise to make Pakistan an Islamic country in which everyone will get equal rights and justice. My Favorite Personality Posted on 01 September at She accompanied her brother to every public appearance that he made.

Archived from the original on 18 November They were always two separate entities. Fatima Jinnah was the great personality or the great lady in the history of Pakistan and she always remain great until the end of Pakistan. In her speeches, she argued that by coming to terms with India on the Indus Water disputeAyub had surrendered control of the rivers to India.

The Oxford encyclopedia of women in world history V 1 ed.

Leader of the Opposition of Pakistan. Fatima Jinnah was also very fond of book reading.


After his day and night hard jinnh Pakistan came into being on the map of World on 14th of August She proclaimed her opponent presidential candidate, Ayub Khan, a dictator. After she graduated, she opened a dental clinic in Bombay in Fatima Jinnah was about two years old when her mother Mathibhai Passed away.

essay on my favourite personality fatima jinnah

Of his seven brothers and sisters, she was the closest to the Quaid. The sight of her moving through the streets of big cities, and even in the rural areas of a Muslim country, added to her popularity.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah:My Favorite Personality

Jinnah won the popular vote in the presidential election of There were two major parties contesting the election, the Convention Muslim League and the Combined Opposition Parties. So he worked for almost 20 years.

essay on my favourite personality fatima jinnah

So he stated that. Rahim of PPP Z. Her death is subject to controversy, as some reports have alleged that she died of unnatural causes.