Thousands of devotees and tourists from different nations throng these places during Ram Navami to get a feel of the religious excitement. Ayodhya was the capital founded by the king rishi Manu. Ayodhya is the focus of great celebrations. Some days after eating that Kheer, all his wives get conceived. Rama is supposed to have lived during the 8th or 7th century B.

Most of the devotees celebrate this festival by making fast for whole nine days or first and last day of the Navratri to get the full blessings. A cattle fair held in Sitamarhi is the largest in Bihar state. He is Anandaswarupa and Dharmaswarupa. Views Read Edit View history. At the end Rishyashring recited a mantra and made an offering to the fire. India has the largest postal network in the world with over 1, 55, post offices.

Elaborate and difficult rituals had to be observed. Ramayana and Mahabharata are considered Itihasa by Indian traditions. Some Vaishnava Hindus visit a temple, others pray within their home, and some participate in a bhajan or kirtan with englishh as a part of puja and aarti.

The raj of this 80 years old musical extravaganza is that celebrated Indian classical musicians, irrespective of their religion, from both genres — Carnatic and Hindustani — descend down to offer their musical rendition to Lord Sri Rama and the assembled audience. Our country stands as a land esday Festivals.

Part of a series on. Ram Navami is a ritual celebration for the people of Hindu religion which they celebrate enthusiastically for their soul and body purification.

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Although people in different parts of the country ram the festival in their own navami, the thought amongst them remains one and the same — to offer their prayers to the deity and honour his birth. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


They read the holy Hindu religious Epic called Ramayana; worship Rama and Sita to get the peace and happiness in their life. Ramayana is an important sesay epic for the Hindus.

essay on ram navmi in english

Navami falls on the ninth day of Chaitra Masa Sukla paksha. He was requested to offer that bowl of Kheer to his all three wives. But Dasarath faced a big problem: Lord Rama is the son of Dhasaratha, King of Ayodhya.

Ram Navami Festival

The birth of four sons in Im was a joyous celebration for the people. In eastern Indian states such as Odisha, Jharkhand, and West Bengal, the Jagannath temples and regional Vaishnava community observe Rama Navami, and treat it as the day when preparations begin for their annual Jagannath Ratha Yatra in summer.

This essay is celebrated by the Hindus for the birth of Lord Ram.

Essays Farmers — The Pillar of India. On the wonderful occasion of Navami Navami, the devotees of Lord Rama observe a whole-day fast, as a part of the festivities. Diwali Internet and Its Uses. They prepare the sweets, sweet drinks, prasad to perform the puja, they invite Pandit Ji to perform havan and katha, they read religious songs, mantras and Aarti at the end of puja to remove the bad powers from their houses and welcome the good power and energies to their house.

People essayy the whole history of the life of Lord Rama through their dramatic performances. Half of his powers are from Lord Vishnu. It is celebrated by different names at different place such as in the Maharashtra it is celebrated by the name Chaitra Navratri, in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka or Tamil Nadu it is celebrated by the name Vasanthothsava and etc.

essay on ram navmi in english

As Lord Rama was the 7 th avatar of the Vishnu born among common people to remove their problems, people decorate temples and ln religious places to make the traditional prayers and engllish of fruits flowers in order to get their problems removed and lot of prosperity and success.


He was the son of King Dashratha and Kaushalya of Ayodhya. Complete duration of puja will be: The tradition continues in contemporary times in the Hindu temples of Durban every year.

Ram Navami Festival of India – Information,Rituals and Celebration

He came down to earth to establish righteousness. During the reign of king Dasarath, Ayodhya reached a period of great prosperity. Public Holiday Englieh Navami is a celebration of two days in different regions of the country. People of the Ayodhya were very happy from his new King Rama and started celebrating his birthday every year with big joy and enthusiasm as Ram Navami which is still traditionally and religiously celebrated all over the India navmu the people of Hindu religion.

The public worship starts with morning ablutions, chanting Vedic mantras dedicated to Vishnu, and offering flowers and fruit to the god. As it is celebrated for nine days it is also called Rama Navaratra. Hindu people celebrate it as a 9 days festival by organizing the Akhand Paath of the Ramacharitamanas, religious bhajan, havan, ritual kirtan and distribution esay prasad after the puja and Aarti at 9 th day.

Lord Rama had protected his devotees from the attack of rascals.

essay on ram navmi in english