Despite being a devout Muslim, Sir Syed criticized the influence of traditional dogma and religious orthodoxy, which had made most Indian Muslims suspicious of British influences. O College was raised to the status of Aligarh University. Skip to main content. Sir Syed felt that the socio-economic future of Muslims was threatened by their orthodox aversions to modern science and technology. Retrieved 4 February However, after B.

Morrison spread communalism among the educated Muslims. He also established many schools in different parts of the country. Their mother Azis-un-Nisa played a formative role in Sir Syed’s life, raising him with rigid discipline with a strong emphasis on education. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Click here to sign up. Promotion of modern western education, however, was his priority. In Jainism, women enjoyed freedom of learning various subjects from the era of the first Teerthankar, i.

Battling illnesses and old age, Sir Syed died on 27 March British and American Christian Missionaries are the pioneers of establishing primary schools giving Western of type education in India. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He read the works of Sssay scholars and writers such as Sahbai, Rumi and Ghalib Other tutors instructed him in mathematics, astronomy and Islamic jurisprudence. Muslim students will have a uniform consisting of a black alpaca, half-sleeved chugha oon a red Fez cap He also established many schools in different parts of the country.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Biography

To materialize his dream, he established Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College at Aligarh which developed into Aligarh Muslim University inthus, the Aligarh movement was instrumental in spreading western education among the Muslims and developing religious fundamentalism within them. Through the s, Syed Ahmed Khan began developing a strong passion for education.


They were raised in strict accordance with Mughal noble traditions and exposed to politics. He was also a social reformer. This seat of teaming played a significant part in infusing spirit of Islamic nationalism among the Muslim students.

Women enjoyed equivalent position and rights in the early Vedic era. On 7th November,foundation stone for the school building was laid down by H. Women education in medieval India further weakened and declined with the introduction of Purdah system. Addressing a big gathering at Gurudaspur on Jan. Then we ought to unite with that nation with whom we can unite. The principal aims of the Conference were: The foreign secretary Cecil Beadonhowever, severely attacked it, calling it ‘an extremely seditious pamphlet’.

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Two years headimgs in this school was elevated to the status of a college by Lord Lytton the British Viceroy himself. He blamed the British East India Company for its aggressive expansion as well as the ignorance of British politicians regarding Indian culture.

Remember me on this computer. Many progressive thinkers of the 19th century began to champion the idea of educational equality between men and women. In Sir Syed founded the Muhammadan Association to promote political co-operation amongst Indian Muslims from different parts of the country.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan: Biography,History and Facts

Our Hindu brothers of these provinces are leaving us and are joining the Bengalis. We, Hindus and Muslims live together on the same soil under the same government.


Inhe was promoted to the title of munshi. Acquainted with high-ranking British officials, Sir Syed obtained close knowledge about British colonial politics during his service at the courts.

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Promotion of modern western education, however, was his priority. Inhe finished his scholarly, well researched and illustrated edition of Abul Fazl’s Ai’n-e Akbariitself an extraordinarily difficult book.

He was buried besides Sir Syed Masjid inside the campus of the Aligarh university.

essay on sir syed ahmed khan in english with headings

In order to settle the question of whether Sir Syed was a communitarian or a communalist, we need to assess the speeches and articles which he wrote. Sir Syed worked to promote reinterpretation of Muslim ideology in order to reconcile tradition with Western education. Retrieved 4 February They will have food either on tables of European style or on chaukis in the manner khann the Arabs Syed Ahmad Khan was appointed the fellow of the Calcutta University and Allahabad University by the Viceroy in the year and respectively.

At present it is like a day dream. They argued that women were mentally unequal to men, and would not be able to comprehend or find use in higher education.