The ash plume was frequently illuminated by dramatic electrical discharges thought to be the result of collisions between ash and ice particles, which generated static electricity. New regulations for volcanic ash in terms of flying aircraft. This cloud drifted towards Northern Europe and closed the air space for days on end stranding millions of people all over the world who could not fly. LEDCs were also badly affected, with Kenya being a great example. But the chaos has benefited rail, bus and ferry tour operators, who have laid on extra services, and many hotels have filled up with stranded travellers. To make the most of this video we have also created some additional teaching resources to use in the classroom — click on the resources below to view and download. This means that many of the countries have great capacity to cope in terms of making predictions and preparing alternatives for companies and people stuck by the restrictions on air travel.

This volcano erupts more often and is known to be more violent. FutureVolc project set up in to integrate European volcano monitoring. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This was due to the sparse population of the country, successful humanitarian management and the prevailing winds that carried ash away from Iceland and over to Europe. But the chaos has benefited rail, bus and ferry tour operators, who have laid on extra services, and many hotels have filled up with stranded travellers. Wednesday, 11 June Case Study::


As these two plates move apart, magma continually wells up along the ridge, creating new sea floor. I hope you enjoy!

Following the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull, Katla began erupting violently. In this case, the two pates involved are the Atlantic and the Eurasian tectonic plate.

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In Iceland, this ongoing ridge volcanism interact s with a mantle plume, which brings magma to the surface from deep within the Earth. The IMO’s weather radar on the southwest tip of the country manayement the height of the ash plume, which is important for calculating the distribution of the ash.


By the end of April explosive activity had virtually ended, with a weak plume largely made up of steam, but flowing lava had advanced a few kilometres northwards from the crater. In addition, the EU has other transport mechanisms such as extensive road and motorway networks, rail networks including the Channel tunnel and boat networks which were particularly important for the transportation of food goods etc.

I have referred to my old A manaegment notes to compile this detailed case study regarding the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland. It destroyed much of the main Route 1 road. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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This website is designed to help students with their studies or simply to educate the interested reader about Geography. In visiting some of the locations affected by the eruption, the video interweaves narrative with incisive interviews of local experts including geology writer and broadcaster Ari Trausti managemeny, stunning archive footage of the eruption itself and supportive maps and diagrams.

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eyjafjallajokull case study management

This was particularly important for when the ash dispersed to near invisibility. This volcano erupts more often and is known to be more violent.

The plates are moving apart at a rate of 1cm to 5 cm per managemenh.

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Thde glacial water instantly cooled the erupting lava causing it to shatter into minute shards of glass and ash which were propelled s metres into the atmosphere by the force of the explosions. This meant that it was a Fissue eruption at this point. Predictions informed scientists to tell farmers not to let animals drink from outdoor water sources as high levels of fluoride would have contaminated water and would have had deadly effects on cattle. Notify me of new comments via email.


As the they move apart pressure on the magma mantle below is released and magma rises to the surface.

Their actions also limited the impact in terms of casualties, and tests have taken place since to see if planes can fly in ash clouds, in what type of ash or around ash clouds.

This also has a knock on effect on International flights globally as they could not land or take off from Europe. The country lies astride the boundary of two tectonic plates which are pulling away from each other.

This process usually happens unseen under the oceans waves but in Iceland another process is happenng too. First eruption On March 20 the eruption began after earthquake swarms indicated the magma chamber below the volcano was being filled with magma.

This closure expanded and continued for the upcoming 8 days, stranding 10 million passengers, which impacted European economies. The last known eruption of Eyjafjallajokull prior to occurred in towhich produced intermediate-silica tephra from the central caldera.

This proved useful in studying the ash plume. Speak to a specialist.

eyjafjallajokull case study management

The vent for the volcano is 1. Capacity to cope and institutional capacity prediction, preparation, prevention. Between March the 3 rd and 5 th of there were plenty of warning signs of an eruption, as there were over 3, recorded earthquakes, the vast majority of these being less than 2 on the Richter scale and only some large enough to be felt in nearby towns.

Capacity to cope and institutional capacity prediction, preparation, prevention The Icelandic Meteorological Office monitors earth movements, water conditions and weather and issues warnings. The impact of the event social, economic, environmentalin the short and longer term.

Responses to the event.