Most exams today require students to write an essay, much like this one. Because of the sheer number of essays to be graded, some universities are experimenting with a computerized grading system. Can I ask that my exam be scored again? The results of re-scoring will be reported to you in writing two to three weeks after the request is received. You may make a request by contacting Pearson VUE within the United States at or from overseas at between the hours of 7: This time, I am over the minimum by nearly 13 points. Central Time Monday to Friday excluding holidays.

If this is a tricky section for you, get yourself an SAT prep book and review the Grammar section. Furthermore, they question whether there are any benefits for the United States. This time, I am over the minimum by nearly 13 points. Carefully explain the rationale for your position. Grading takes into account your ability to analyze the topic, support your arguments, structure sentences, and correctly use grammar and syntax. Without a doubt, my simulator helped!

The previous two times I barely missed passing, with the first missing by 0. So to study, I lined up the below outline for myself:. Copies of the written essay or multiple choice answer sheets will not be released or provided to examinees.

The suggested reading list is nothing but overwhelming, so click that link with caution I read none of these books and did just fine. Following are several sample topics on which you can practice organizing your thoughts. Not only for the reason mentioned above, but also because this was my second time completing the test first time missing by 5 points and because not taking this opportunity would mean waiting a year before taking the test once more, and another year on top of that before being asked to join the Service if all goes well.


Because of the sheer number of essays to be graded, some universities are experimenting with fwot computerized grading system. Most importantly, know the test.

fsot essay grading

Finding this information was great, but it led to two questions that concerned me. Do not listen to these people.

The FSOT Rescore and When to do it

You are commenting using your Google account. Foreign Service Officer Exam: Requests for rescoring must be made by phone. In your view, what do you think the role of entertainers should be in politics? An email is best.

I did well in the English Expression and the Job Knowledge portions of the test, but did poorly on the Biographic Questionnaire. List these events in the box below, but surprise, a tiny character count! Because of this I thought I would look into rescore possibilities. As you can see, I hit the minimum passing essay score at 6.

How to pass the FSOT | Notes From Post

Your email address will not be published. For the text boxes, forget complete sentences and obscure event titles and try to give descriptions if you can fit them. For this section, know thyself and self-compliment effusively.


I knew how much room I had to write and how important each character was.

Foreign Service Officer Exam: The Written Essay

The lofty plans of a diplomat wannabe, who has better hole-punching skills than demonstrated here. For those who have read this blog from the beginning, you will know this was my third attempt at taking it, and finally, third time is the charm. If it takes weeks for them to assess your rescore request, they are cutting it close on the July 31st submission deadline. SAT essay prompts yrading be good practice here. My background prepared me fairly well for the Management, Finance, and Economics sections.

How many questions are in each section? You must make the requests for re-scoring within forty five days after the test results are released.

fsot essay grading

Do you mind sharing what your day was like? The next step is to write six essays, called the Personal Narratives, in three weeks. Make a comprehensive outline for each topic, indicating your viewpoints and make a list of supporting arguments. Prioritize and make a customized study guide for yourself. Ok, maybe the last one fssay so much but the other two yes.