Learners need challenges, support, and feedback to become successful self-directed learners Silen and Uhlin, Tracking and documentation of training in the airline industry should be foundational components of the LMS Webanywhere, Samuel Torres, May 13, , 7: NextGen and the GA pilot. Aiming to make air travel safer, a year-old Embry-Riddle Worldwide student is helping the Federal Aviation Administration streamline and update part of the system pilots use for navigation. Analysis of First Officer accident rates hours.

Pay attention in research methods too. Also, training techniques need to be adapted to help pilots do what they do well and do it better. By this logic, the regulatory emphasis in pilot training should be decision making and emergency situation management. Rejection of the null hypothesis lends evidence to disproportionality of internal and external influence on pilot operating culture. There were twenty internal and external influence questions asked on the survey.

What are some of the potential problems with this type of learning and how might they be mitigated? Aircraft accidents found to be due to crew error were significantly higher than all other causes; such as weather, aircraft, maintenance, and Air traffic control. In addition the technology available to the airlines is advancing faster than the FAA can adapt their regulations. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price. Application of human factors science is rejected internally by pilot operating culture.

Listed below are a few of the things I learned in completing the project — one for each question and a bonus: Hand flying a fast high performance aircraft can quickly overload the most experienced pilots impairing their ability to delegate tasks and make timely decisions. Problem Mitigation In the airline industry, timeliness and accuracy are crucial to competitiveness.


Clear objectives and straightforward content combined with an established relationship with the overseeing authority can help mitigate delays in course updates. The survey data used in the Mann Whitney U test is shown below.

Retrieved August 31,from Google: The success of NextGen initiatives are dependent on public and private stakeholder investments and will have both positive and negative impacts on GA. Crews needs shape attitudes about accepting human factors training into operating practice. Retrieved Aug 30,from MIT. Capstonr foundational elements of a successful distance learning initiative are engaging content, cohesive delivery, social interaction, and constant evaluation.

Learners need challenges, support, and feedback to become successful self-directed learners Silen and Uhlin, Hopefully the data collected in this study will give them the empirical evidence to do so.

Graduate Capstone Project – Samuel M Torres GCP

The United States has always been a world leader in aviation regulation and operations; however we are starting to slip. This is prkject because it disproves that pilots are influenced by a single group, and that it is plausible that external and internal disproportionately contribute to safey.

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graduate capstone project erau

Conclusion Distance learning in the aviation industry will continue to see growth, and strategies to mitigate the problems that arise must be anticipatory. One team pursued a conventional configuration with an innovative powertrain, while the other pursued an innovative, variable-geometry configuration with a conventional powertrain.


Graduate Capstone Project – Samuel M Torres GCP

This paper will primarily be addressing how to reduce and eliminate human error related accidents and incidents by narrowing the gap between the science of human factors developed for pilots and pilot training. According to Tony Kern; Robert Helmreich, a noted aviation psychologist from the University of Texas Aerospace Research Project argues that pilots across companies and coultris share some common cultural characteristics. Distance learning must be not only completed, but also documented to indicate compliance.

graduate capstone project erau

This particular book was written by Anthony Kern, a renowned expert on human error. Testing the Null Hypothesis.

Survey Link Survey Link. Training should seek to maximize eray performance of each individual, and should meet a specific need. The website will contain project information, the proposal and an explanation of the objectives of the research. However, this alone cannot singularly answer the question of whether the hour rule is justified.

Student Capstone Project Results in Two Patentable Concepts

Press release — FAA boosts aviation safety with new pilot qualification standards. Review Once the statistical analysis is complete, the results will be reviewed. Culture, Environment and CRM. In next generation aircraft, the emphasis of operating is placed on decision making and system management in conjunction with automation to reduce pilot workload.