Our teacher sent us a booklet guide of what to include – if we have the same question i could possibly send it you? Question 3 Study Sources E-G. In His Own Words. Completely stuck on everything like structure and the actual interpretations if you look on various teachers forums, they all seem to be confused as to what ocr are looking for! Question 1 A Study Source A. Many of the British West Indians employed at that time stayed and settled in Nassau, including some persons as Clement T. Study Sources C and D.

In completing your answers always comment on and evaluate the sources. Lebanese first came to The Bahamas at much the same time as the Greeks as part of the Diaspora that saw as many as a million people escape from Turkish misrule in Syria. Source B Migration has become deeply embedded in the psyche of Caribbean peoples over the past century and a half. You do not need a Table of Contents. How do you get the maximum points? Source E In the Bahamian government realized the usefulness of Haitian manpower for an expanding economy.

It can be handwritten or typed. You have to place yourself in the incident and must do it through real life story telling. Pictures are not necessary for your coursework but it might make it more interesting reading for the marker having pictures to refer to and if it assists in answering a question bhcse sure to include them.

However the hustory government felt otherwise, they were still convinced that the bahamas should become independent considering the bahamas was already granted internal self-government and proved that they were self-aware, mature enough instead of favoring the opposing side the british government most likely sided with those who wanted independence. Its about stalins motivation with eastern european policy – the booklet is only really centred around that question so if its the same i could send it you!


Maternity Fashions Clothing Store. It has evolved as the main avenue for upward mobility through the accumulation of capital – financial and social. I recommend the paper folder with the clips and pockets. You are a Bahamian who witnessed migrants settling in The Bahamas.

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Email or Phone Password Forgot account? By the early s, the Bahamian transition from labour exporter to importer ws well underway as immigrant workers arrived from Haiti and Turks and Caicos to satisfy the demands coursewoek the burgeoning tourism and construction industries in New Providence 2106 Grand Bahama and to service the lumber and agro-industries in Abaco and Andros and the salt industry in Inagua. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Source F This dire situation is bfcse complicated and rendered even more difficult when one takes into account the fact that an invasion of a different sort has been, and is taking place, across our southern boundaries.

Source B Migration has become deeply embedded in the psyche of Caribbean peoples over cougsework past century and a half. The original Chinese immigrants came from Cuba – explaining why Hispanic surnames are not uncommon – and got their start in the restaurant, laundry, and cleaning industries. Question 1 A Study Source A. My deadline is wednesday, and im basically finished, what would you like help with?


Include a bibliography a list of the books, websites and articles referred to or used. Notify me of new comments via email. Contact me for help – augustusmoncur yahoo. Study ALL the Sources. Art history and visual culture and classical studies with employment experience you can personalise what you see on tsr. See more of Ms. Write an account of the challenges and problems they faced.


history coursework bgcse 2016

B Study Source B. The point here is to show that you understand these different interpretations and schools of thought, and then to evaluate them and their conclusions in light of the historical evidence.

Thus the propensity for migration is high and there is a general responsiveness to the opportunities for moving whenever they occur. Two days after the bombing a deserted air strip and camp were discovered in North Abaco.

Study Sources C and D. Lebanese first came to The Bahamas at much the same time as the Greeks as part of the Diaspora that saw as many as a million people escape from Turkish misrule in Syria. Cooursework even insisted that the matter on whether the bahamas became independent or not be decided among the bahamians and settled through a general election.

history coursework bgcse 2016

This may be historiographically based or it may reflect bgcsd emphases and approaches by different historians, some of whom may have been writing in widely different periods.

Then the immigration office decided to grant a sort of amnesty of six months during which it would issue work permits to all illegal Haitian immigrants who could find a sponsor.

history coursework bgcse 2016

They had come to revive the old salt industry, and soon an industrial hum dispelled the quiet of Matthew Town. Source B As the demand for agricultural labour in the U.