Personally I have turned down an offer as I am interested in that course in SIT as well as the location is better for me. Is your source from this link an accredited source? You should end this debate too. Students’ progress will be monitored by their professors and supervisors in the companies to which they are attached. The TUM programmes have been tailored to provide the student with the foundation of German expertise knowledge, with the relevance of the Asian industry outlook. Last edited by patryn33; at

Why not let’s change the perspective of degree Education. EU is so jialat, usa looks normal, only china big enough to cause a big recession worldwide. If there is, I’d doubt my chances since most would have received their date for the second interview by now. I agree with Rospenn that whether a degree is recognised is also entirely up to the employer. Why discourage them from getting a degree when SIT is opening doors for people like them? What are your grades though? Is sg job market not willing to pay more than 1st crass honest rate for post grads.

What course you applied to?

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And yet we are waiting for acceptance only at end of May. Thanks for the useful info yellow muffins!

hwz bachelor thesis

To find out more, including how to control thrsis, see here: I wonder how many students they are intending to enrol? By reading this I got very jealous — would love to have it this way right now: Nevertheless i am so looking forward for summerbreak: C 6 Combined Humanities: Jeanyj said it best. This site uses cookies. I do not bash SIT for no reason. If this drags baxhelor long and it turns out that I am not accepted, then where should I go? Monika April 22, at Or maybe no big recession For a start, students from three computing courses — Information Security, Business Analytics as well as Data Science and Analytics — will go on the month internships from the end of their second theais.


Is sg job market not willing to pay more than 1st crass honest rate for post grads. You should end this debate too.

Like tech and property in china? What about people who didn’t do well for poly and cannot get into the Big 3? Not exactly suitable here.

hwz bachelor thesis

This will serve u well in life. Planning is everything When doing group work — Your group starts to work on it at least one month before the due-date We dress up for presentations Difficulties to meet other students from all over Switzerland — Bern is so far from Zurich, 1 hour by train is way to far All students have work experience and you can exchange practical examples in class You have to write a bachelor thesis Studying full-time at UTS: Group work will be done in the last minute Why hand in an assignment to early?

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Its very hard to describe, if u done a bachelors thesis and learn how to use science framework to judge things, I guess u understand as well.


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Email required Address never made public. Don’t worry about recognition. What are you trying to point out?

hwz bachelor thesis

bachelorr Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information. Would agree that Kyoji83 is an experienced working adult, but whether he has knowledge on all these areas is questionable. For example, the SIT conferred Degree includes maximum 12 Month Internship to bridge the student to get full time employment.

Although statistic have shown that they have no problem with SIT graduate.

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But hey I’m glad I’m tesis alone waiting desperately for the results. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Second column. Last edited by Syllabus; at Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information. Even other people like Starbarks!