As Garcia, wrote in his research that prejudging is the unfair evaluation of people based on their stereotypical judgment of their group rather than the behavior and qualification of its individual members. These include equity theory Chapter 5 and exit-voice-loyalty-neglect Chapter 4. Within this case study both stereotyping and social identity came into play. Correlation and Regression Analysis. If Sad used self-awareness when considering offering the promotion to Rockwell, he would have displayed authentic leadership and able to explain to Rockwell his vision of her in the role of arrest research coordinator. BUS Organizational Behaviors. Click here to sign up.

Hence the sociocultural and community aim must be to dilute, undercut, and eliminate racism wherever and however it is located Pierce, Asian and Indian Religions. Descriptive stereotype and prescriptive stereotype are clearly disclosed from both Syd and Rochelle perception side. BUS Organizational Behaviors. Apply your knowledge of stereotyping and social identity theory to explain what went wrong here. Gilman was pleased with Beauport’s work and tried to let her know this in annual performance reviews. Rochelle feel stereotype because Syd perceive her as a female from the minority group having the same attributes and behavior as other.

Although Gilman feels that this is an opportunity that Beauport should feel very excited about, Beauport has a very different perception of the situation. And her perception towards Syd is also the stereotyping ,as she stuyd him with other people from the company.

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Beauport was preoccupied with several tasks that afternoon but was able to consider the day’s events that evening. Perceptual errors that are apparent in this case study is the employee felt she was being discriminated against due to an experience at her previous employer.


In fact, there is no apparent evidence of this stereotyping. It may seem that this case involves stereotyping—specifically, that Syd Gilman has stereotyped Rochelle Beauport. Rochelle thought being a women and women from minority group she was transferred to another department.

The vice president of marketing at Hy Dairies, Inc.

hy dairies case study answers

Welcome to the world of case studies that can bring you high grades! This position is a lateral move. Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? She perceived the treatment to be similar to that in her previous employment. Sales volume and market share of the product had in-creased significantly over the past two quarters compared with the previous year. Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this answees.

Case Study – WHY DAIRIES

Although technically only a lateral transfer with a modest salary increase, the marketing research coordinator job would give Beauport broader experience in some high- profile work, which would enhance her career with Hy Dairies.

The Oxford Dictionary defines stereotyping as a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

Analyze and discuss the case first. By being knowledgeable of social identity theory distortions, for example, Beauport might evaluate Gilman more carefully, rather than automatically labelling him within a category.

hy dairies case study answers

Rochelle feel stereotype because Syd perceive her as a female from the minority group having the same attributes and behavior as other. Bayport views this new Job that could hurt her career.

He could have explained the reasons behind the promotion, further explaining his previous dairied and his future goals for her within the organization.

Beauport did not know whether she must confront Gilman and try to change the sexist and racist practices at Hy Dairies or to leave the company.


The article looks at the case of a woman of colour and studies issues such as stereo typing and social identity theory to show how it sudy affect the perceptions of superiors as well as subordinates.

hy dairies case study answers

New Religious Movements and Spirituality. Astrophysics and Atmospheric Physics. Perceptual Errors According to Katz,Perception is achievement, not a process.

What other perceptual errors are apparent in this case study: And the major perceptual errors in the case study is the emotional intelligence of both party.

He felt that they would share a similar outlook on their employment and this move was the best method to advance careers with Hy Dairies. Industrial Market Atudy and Economic Performance. She feels that due to her better performance Syd might have felt threaten and moving her to research department will stop her promotion and there will be no any women of dairues in top management.

But she enjoyed her brand management works. When administering performance reviews, ensure that all reviews contain a clear development plan. She did not feel that this was the route to the top, little knowing that Gilman career had been boosted after occupying this position at Hy several years before. By doing so, Beauport gives Gilman the opportunity to clearly understand what she is hoping to accomplish, and ensure that she understands what he and the organization see as the most logical route to take in order to meet her career objectives.