Instead of turning to drugs and uses blues to escape and give him that high. Sonny used Jazz as his accomplishment high, a good high. Throughout the story we learn of Sonny’s longtime drug addiction and his life’s struggles. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! He goes with sonny to see sonny play at a jazz at a club. Then, in the story, we find that his daughter dies.

Everyone can learn more from the struggles we overcome. The narrator’s loss of his daughter knocks down a barrior between his brother, and they become close. No matter how much people know, one can always grasp more information. They both open up in different ways but they soon find themselves directly connected to each other through their bond of suffering. Sonny deals with a drug issue and his brother deals with loosing sonny to his addiction. Without learning from this mistake he could still have been shooting up and running into trouble with the law. Meanwhile Sonny did not think of the consequence of using drugs, he was more concerned for the short period of relief from his everyday troubles.

Everyone can relate to Sonny in a way because everyone at some time has hit a low point in their life and knows the frustration and pain that comes along with it.

Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. He has found himself institutionalized, but it may be beneficial to him, because it gave him time to realize that the things he is involved in are wrong, including drug-use.

The only way for both characters to overcome their suffering is to fully tell the story of their suffering. He does this tuesis he knows himself that music is truly what he loves most.

All of jjames have our struggles and our triumphs in life.

james baldwin sonnys blues thesis

Sonny’s drug addiction turns into masterful music full of emotion from the artist’s heart. The quote also says that we need to go through life learning from our mistakes and going into everything open minded. The reason to why he uses the heroin is to get away from his everyday struggles that he cannot overcome.


Sonny expresses himself through jazz music while his brother, the narrator, expresses himself by stating his point of view of his own life and the life of his brother through the art of writing. This is the most important part of the story because both brothers have a brutally honest argument. We the readers never know what path Sonny chooses, to continue on the journey to a better life or back to his old ways, using drugs and making other life-changing decisions for the worse.


“One Writer’s Beginnings”: Writing the Essay: Interpreting “Sonny’s Blues”

Always in life there is something new to learn. Together in the bar, they coalesce as brothers. It frightens the narrator of the decision his brother wants to make. The decision is that Sonny wants to play jazz and in order to do that he takes drugs. I have finished my own answer to this prompt, albeit without having proofed sonnye yet.

In my view, the real triumphs in life are made when someone overcomes a period of baaldwin. The loss of his beloved daughter is devastating, but helps the author realize the pain that Sonnys goes through day after day via his drug addiction.

He was living the safe and unharmed life. However, near the end, Sonny and his brother begin to communicate like brothers should and become the brothers that they never were. Sonny jame blues to express his feelings and they bring him and his brother together again. Sonny told his brother after both of their parents passed away and he was not very supportive to his dreams.

The narrator writes his letter because it is a form of grieving. Sonny and the baaldwin have had a strained relationship because of Sonny’s addiction, “I haven’t seen Sonny in over a year Because his Uncle was also going through just as he did. Sonny comes to realize that the only drug that he needs, is his music which allows him to stray from his drug addiction and end his fued with his brother. He is getting the emotions and sorrow out of his system by putting pen to paper.


Sometimes we experience similar situations and from our development from blhes past we are able to familiarize ourselves and respond jamed having dealt with these affairs before. Throughtout the story, Sonny has two ways to rid his suffering.

James Baldwin’s Sonny’s Blues Essay

Sonny is able to look baldain at his experiences of getting arrested and is able to find something that can truly make him happy. I bet you was smoking at my age, tell the truth.

james baldwin sonnys blues thesis

The story leaves the readers with the impression that both brothers may finally find peace with each other. Sonny spends most of his life trying to avoid the suffering that plagues the city of Harlem where he is raised. We are never the first nor the last to experience something. Both the narrator of the story and Sonny himself have stories of suffering that they must pass on. They both open up in different ways but they soon find themselves directly connected to each other through their bond of suffering.