By the construction of the artificial lake, the main environmental issues would probably come from the actual process of digging out and lining the reservoir — due to logistics. Can you think of any renewable energy sources that are near. The reservoir is linked to the exit point of the Derwent Reservoir in County Durham, with a pipeline fed from the North Tyne river below the Kielder dam. Disadvantages The breeding patterns of fish have been disrupted through the dam blocking the river. This water is used to maintain minimum flow levels at times of low natural rainfall and allows additional flows to be released for both domestic and industrial abstraction. Geography- Water on the Land.

When the dam was completed it flooded an area of scenic natural beauty. It can act as a flood prevention measure. The depletion of riverbed gravels reduces spawning grounds for fish and invertebrates. Kielder Water is the largest man-made lake in northern Europe and is capable of holding billion litres of water. Sign up to Comment. This is a reliable and clean source of energy. Can you think of any renewable energy sources that are near.

Etudy replacement, the main tree put in the artificial forest …. The Kielder pipeline cannot be used to supplement the water supply to the Derwent Reservoir itself. Large deposits of boulders, sand and clay were found locally so quarries around the country cass not have to be involved. The map below show the local setting for the dam; The decline of traditional heavy industry, together with more water-efficient industrial processes and better control of water supply leakage, served to undermine the original reasons for the reservoir and many came to criticise the government-funded project as a white elephant.

Can you think of any renewable energy sources that are near. Furthermore, the land in the valley was chiefly farmland of low quality, so in this sense there was nothing highly important to lose. Electricity is generated through hydroelectric power HEP sgudy the dam. The Snowy river hydro scheme consists of sixteen major dams, seven power stations, a pumping station and kilometers.


The water surface area of Kielder Water is about ha – this represents the same size of area which is replanted with trees each kiwlder every year.

How it all works

The Derwent Reservoir remains the primary source of water for Tyne and Wear, so water from Kielder can be used to supplement the flow of the River Derwent when the reservoir above is at low levels, and also to provide water into the Derwent Reservoir’s distribution system. Huge volumes of timber are produced at Kielder, the number of standing trees is million and they are replanted once felled. Rivers that flow into cities like Middlesbrough and Sunderland have much more water in them.

Each year the Forestry Commission harvests around half a million cubic metres of timber with the wood being used for many applications:. Disadvantages The breeding patterns of fish have been disrupted through the dam blocking the river.

When completed, the Kielder Water Scheme was one of the largest and most forward looking projects of its time. Using the Google satellite image above describe how much of Newcastle would be covered if the Kielder Water Reservoir had been placed in the city!

kielder water case study

Managing water supply – Kielder water Water that collects in Kielder reservoir is transported southwards and released into rivers that flow to the cities of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Sunderland, Durham, Darlington and Middlesbrough.

This brings moist air because the air is warm and has travelled a long way over the Atlantic Ocean.

Kielder Water Case Study

Farmland and many habitats were lost when the land behind the dam flooded. The wet areas also coincide with our highland areas, as the wet incoming air is forced to rise over these hills, and as it does so it cools, condenses and forms clouds and then rain.


The main cities Newcastle, Sunderland etc and towns Middlesbrough are on the East coast, one of the driest places in the British Isles. Advantages Kielder reservoir has brought many advantages: The location of Kielder water was suitable because the river Tyne valley has a wide, flat bottom but steep sides; there is also a high annual rainfall in the valley: Supply Purpose Kielder Water is kkelder of Europe’s largest man made lakes.

Kielder is one of the last places for red squirrels in England. This is a reliable and clean source of energy. It can also be used to help resolve problems these fish encounter with shallow flows in the lower stretches sfudy the Tyne or in emergencies when a pollution incident has occurred downstream. Reducing the flow of water from a river changes the landscape of that river which can affect plants and animals.

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To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. To combat this Northuimbria water, the company responsible for water supply in the North East, have constructed Kielder Water. We think you have liked this presentation. Help me revise water cse the land.

How it all works Living Wild at Kielder.

kielder water case study

T he Kielder Water reservoir is in the North west of the region, so is in a high precipitation zone, and water is then piped and run through rivers to the cities that have a shortage of water in the East.