Thus, a number of studies were excluded due to small sample size. Thoughts of harming infants in depressed and nondepressed mothers. Can you reduce other stressful things going on in your life? Footnotes Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article doi: Be as calm and supportive as you can.

If this happens, you may worry that people think that you cannot care for your baby. Jones I, Craddock N. PLoS Med 6 6: Your midwives, health visitor and mental health nurse should visit you regularly in the first few weeks after your baby is born. J Womens Health Larchmt. Your health visitor and GP will also continue to support you whilst you recover.

Postpartum psychosis

With these reassuring data, the patient began nursing; a 4-month-old pediatric assessment indicated normal development without clinically discernible adverse effects. Suicidal ideation must be taken seriously, and patients with recent or active suicidal plans should be referred to an emergency setting.

Help literatire looking after the baby. New directions for research.

literature review on puerperal psychosis

The husband became very concerned and brought his wife to the emergency room. It is a good idea to avoid getting pregnant again too soon after an episode of postpartum psychosis.

Estrogen is not recommended for the management of PP in general psychiatry or general practice settings; it is strictly an investigational drug in these cases. The risks and benefits puerpearl medication in pregnancy and after birth.


The global prevalence of postpartum psychosis: a systematic review

Hormone levels and disturbed sleep patterns may also be involved. Early postpartum symptoms in puerperal psychosis. Clinical diagnoses and relative risk of admission after parturition. Members include in alphabetical order: Sleep loss, such environmental stressors as marital discord, and the precipitous drop in hormone levels that occurs shortly after childbirth are other factors linked to PP.

Global burden of disease attributable to mental and substance use disorders: Neonaticide is more difficult to prevent, as it involves denial of pregnancy.

A study of mother and baby admissions in the Netherlands. A prospective comparative study. Some mothers have difficulty bonding with their babies after an episode of postpartum psychosis.

literature review on puerperal psychosis

Even before delivery, the at-risk patient is encouraged to consult with a psychiatrist to help her consider treatment options or treatment prophylaxis at delivery to avoid illness. Dean C, Kendell RE.

See Additional file 4 for data extraction form used. Thus, the estimates of postpartum psychosis in this review may reflect cases of onset beyond the first month following delivery. A recent systematic review focused on prevalence of common, non-psychotic revkew mental disorders in low and middle-income countries LMICs [ 9 ]. You may also over-react to things. Spinelli 49 investigated 16 cases of neonaticide and found the women suffered from dissociative symptoms.

literaturre Healthy outcome under olanzapine treatment in a pregnant woman. Psychotic illness in first-time mothers with no previous psychiatric hospitalizations: Secondly, as we were interested in population-level estimates, and due to previously reported rare occurrence of postpartum psychosis, we only included studies that had a sample sizes of greater than Is there a case for lithium prophylaxis?


Most women with postpartum psychosis need to be treated in hospital.

literature review on puerperal psychosis

During the psychpsis part of your postpartum psychosis you will need practical help to care for your baby — and also help to bond with your baby.

A review of the literature. Despite our efforts to include all articles regardless of location and language of publication, there may be a risk of publication bias in the studies identified and included in our review, in that studies written in a certain language or reporting certain findings may be more likely to be published than others. One study also included the pregnancy time period [ 34 ], although both of the psychosis cases reported in this study occurred during the puerperium period, and were associated with adverse perinatal outcomes.

Toxicity is confirmed by elevated drug levels. Do ask for help when your partner first has symptoms.