Cox examined performance indicators in urban transport planning. They operate in major towns as well as in rural areas. Entrepreneurial characteristics among micro and small-scale women-owned enterprises in North and Central Meru district, Kenya. Some of the aspects of training programme evaluation form for the trainees were the relevance of course to the needs of the trainees, the course objectives, and course content. They come in the form of government ministries, departments and regulatory authorities.

Despite the rapid growth and outstanding contributions of the Matatu industry, the industry has faced many problems. A specific time frame was given to the respondents to fill the questionnaire. The Urban Age 2 1: Performance Measurement; Current perspectives and future challenges. Therefore both formal and informal institutions have been found to affect matatu business operations. Over the years, sustainable public transport has been viewed as not just technical issues or questions, but as an inevitable need Cervero and Golub,

Poor working conditions were indicated as a major contributor to low productivity and hence low income generations. The Government Policy Governing Matatu SACCOs Regulatory restrictions are one area in which business people and entrepreneurs need to formay facilitated in order that they become formal and grow.

American Economic Review The study further concludes that policy makers impact the business both positively and negatively.

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They should also adopt international accounting and auditing standards. This is because it focuses on the large population and it gives explanation on the state of affairs as they exists at present Kothari, Reliability refers to the consistency of a measure, the ability of the instrument used in research to consistently measure the characteristics of interest over time Ahmed et al, From the literature review, the study established that several scholars had reviewed the concepts of factors affecting performance of matatu saccos.


Legal Book Depot, Meerut. The summary of findings gives an in-depth explanation of the major factors raised by the respondents on the factors influencing the performance of Matatu SACCOs operating in Thika town.

Matatu business has a chance of rapid growth if there is law and order and if it is well supported by government and financial institutions that can give loans at low interest rates.

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Characteristics of high and low growth small and medium sized businesses. Lack of managerial training and experience, inadequate education and business skills, lack of credit, unfavorable national policy and regulatory environment, poor infrastructure and scanty markets information.

Niyonsenga studied public transport supply for Kigali, Rwanda. To this effect, researcher was forced to engage the respondents in a brief interview to let them know the importance of this study as a strategy to avoid lack of cooperation.

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The analysis based on the City Council of Nairobi surveys of indicates that the Matatu mode of transport played an important role in the public sector in Nairobi. Do you train your 20 45 25 10 employees? How are you paid?

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The owners of the Matatu business are also recommended to do routine inspections of their employees as they carry out their work. Coopers and Lybrand Association Ltd Research Methodology; Methods and Techniques.

Mugenda and Mugenda define a descriptive survey as a method which enables the researcher to summarize and organize data in an effective and meaningful way. As one of my requirement cormat my course, I am carrying out to examine: Research Data From figure 4.


Interestingly, the significance of transport sector towards achieving sustainable development and as a component of sustainability has been stressed by scholars over the years.

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New Age International Kyalo Do you properly determine your profits? Those firms that engage less than 10 employees are referred to as micro- enterprises, those that employ 10 to 49 workers are small-scale enterprises and workers are mkku to as the medium enterprises Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis, If no, what are some of the challenges brought about by these insurance policies?

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Prior to the new government regulations, the PSV industry thesls been operating without proper regulations and comprehensive policy to guide it. Surveys of small business failure maintain that entrepreneurs often have good ideas and are competent but they do not have clue on how to run a business underlying appreciation of business fundamentals.

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An investigation into thesos constraints affecting the growth and profitability of public transport business in Nairobi. In other words, it should be affordable, efficient, available, safe, and supports economic development.

Research Methods in the Social Sciences. Therefore both formal and informal institutions have been found to affect matatu business operations. The individuals who were involved in answering the questionnaires answered the questions based from formxt opinions but not from the existing facts in the organization.