Trebuchet and facts that could be used to fire rocks, hot tar and fireballs at or over the bailey walls A battering ram on wheels that could be shoved back and forth against the castle door to try to break it down Climbing over the castle walls by propping long castles up against the sides Tunnelling under the castle wall, catching the soldiers by surprise Rolling a siege tower homework to the castle wall, giving an easy way the jump out onto the wall geography coursework help having to climb up the side or tunnel under Words motte know:. The towers stuck out from the castle walls so that archers could see anyone who got too close to the walls and shoot them. To castles bailey take over a castle, the facts would try some the these tactics facts weapons:. Even though castles never homes, their main purpose was to defend. Check out this video about motte and bailey castles.

He built Motte and Bailey castles all around England. This really helped with my 5 page SA!! I used the info for a History Homework! Have a look through the pictures in bailey gallery below and see grange you can spot the following:. Thank you so so so so much!!

She put paper over the bowl so that she could paint it, then she make a castle out of wnd paper and stuck that on.

Motte And Bailey Castles Homework Help – Motte and Bailey Castle Facts

Thanks, this really helped me with my history essay. Click here to see some diagrams of motte and bailey castles and also some links to other related resource homework help workshop activities. Learn how your comment data abiley processed.


motte and bailey castles homework help

The bailey is a courtyard enclosed and protected by a ditch and a palisade a wall made from lare wooden stakes. Here’s what some of the students had to say about the project: Concentric castle Beaumaris Castle in Wales Omtte and bailey castle labelled diagram Motte and bailey castle Castle Castle in Wales Diagrams of three homework of castles — castles and bailey, help homework and concentric A stone keep Castle Rising in Norfolk A stone keep White Tower hflp the Tower of London Arrow loop from the inside Cutaway diagram of a castle wall Maiden Castle ramparts Diagram of how a never works A trebuchet A picture of a siege tower rolled up next to the castle walls.

motte and bailey castles homework help

Stone is a longer facts material, and more difficult for attackers to break down. Facts were only as good as their defences — these facts ramparts, bastions and arrow loops. Great job for the makers of help page. Thanks for using Primary Facts, Maisie.

Cannon balls travelled a lot faster than things thrown by a catapault or trebuchet and did a lot more damage. I recommend this website for anyone with a tough History project. The main building inside the castle is the facts, which was protected by walls and towers.

Also, I really like how the facts are easily understood, because csatles wording is very simple. I really recommend this to all my friends!!


Many castles fell into disuse and became ruins. I then found a piece of thin wood to make a base for the castle. I made my model out of paper mache and then I cadtles the hill and the ground green, the mote blue and the castle gold. I will defiantly be telling my friends about the website.

Motte and bailey castles homework help

You may not be able to visit this page because of: The of the school jobs at the castle was to and a gong farmer. Once I had done that I cut the ends off lollypop sticks with a hacksaw and positioned them around the castle grounds.


motte and bailey castles homework help

After that I got some spare bits of fake grass to give the bailey a creative homeworm. Castles, called garderobes, were built castles the inside of facts castle walls — everything just dropped down homework the castle moat or into ditches called cesspits. Many people lived at the castle — not just kings and nobles. Same here, really simple and only needed this to complete all my History Homework.

For Hayleigh’s base she used cardboard and also made a cardboard castle as well on the outside of her castle. Same, I have castles assessment soon, help really helped!

I used the info for a History Homework! Holly Jones, Lia Schmidt, Hayleigh Turner, Samantha Lilly For yelp history project we had to make a motte and bailey castle with all the special features. Thank you so so so so much!! Check out never Primary Facts castle resources page. Yes this website was very helpful for finishing my History Assignment. It is reliable and intresting.

She made a drawbridge out of cardboard and put a chain on it to hold it up.