Thus, the descriptive test will play a major role in clearing the phase – II examination with good marks. Do not argue on both sides of the topic. There are two topics which will be asked in the Descriptive test: Feb 21, , Rahul wasekar Mar These teams played 49 matches, out of which 26 were held in Australia and 23 in New Zealand. You need to generate as many good ideas as you can to support your stand.

You will not get a choice in this question. Keep an eye out for sample essays that we will publish soon. It kickstarted a five year program scheduled to end on 2 nd October , to honor Ganghiji on his th birthday. India showcases the remnants of many kingdoms and ancient arts and structures, making her a worldwide tourist destination. It was a second loss for the thousands of Indian fans who had gathered there to cheer for New Zealand after Brendon McCullum made an appeal to Indian fans to support New Zealand for the finals. Do not argue on both sides of the topic.

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This is a general insurance company not a bank. Truth is whatever written in expected essay question – Nothing will drop. Loading Article sPlease Wait.

Important Essay Topics for NICL AO 2015

You will be expected to first read the passage given and then give answers to the questions in the specified number of words. The test is conducted on a computer console not on paper and you are expected to complete the 40 mark paper in 45 minutes. To excel in this section you should know the types of letters asked in previous year papers.


Heading ibps po Akanksha Jigyasu please provide sample topicd and letters on the most probable topics. Use the words to guide your writing.

Important Topics for English Descriptive Questions in NICL AO Exam Download in PDF

They test different aspects of your language skills. If you know any relevant quotes, add them between the title and the introduction. The Reading Comprehension in the Descriptive paper is not very different from the ones in the Objective paper.

Descriotive gotta ask the topic related to their field. Nikku M Feb 6. It will be a new team, under new leadership.

nicl ao descriptive essay topics

Sahil Malhotra Nov Our bowlers have never looked this menacing before. Also, try to solve these first as these can give you sure shot marks.

She has passed in an exam with distinction. They won’t ask any such topic related to banks. You still have a couple of weeks! It is important not to be intimidated by the prospect of writing a Descriptive paper in English. The hopes were high as India had not lost a single match in the entire event.

How to Prepare for NICL AO Descriptive Question Paper

Its good as we aspirants get to connect with each other here but one should never rely on gradeup and its products. No more posts found! Use it to start the essay.


They will likely tpoics you with two options, and you need to pick the one you are most comfortable with. Do not argue on both sides of the topic. This was all about the brief introduction of letter writing.

There are two topics which will be asked in the Descriptive test: In this rich country, with such a diverse heritage, it is sad that other factors are being brought to the spotlight. The format of a Formal letter: Letters can be broadly classified into Formal and Nkcl or Informal letters.

nicl ao descriptive essay topics

Keep an eye out for sample essays that we will publish soon. The aim of letter writing is to examine how well the applicants are able to communicate themselves with the other to whom the letter is addressed.