Mohanty, Debajyoti Effect of sintering on some properties of NiZn-ferrite. Roy, T Preparation and characterization of hydroxyapatite-chitosan-alginate micro-thin nanocomposites. Acharya, G and Pandey, S Target detection by radar using linear frequency modulation. Agarwal, A Separation of azeotropic mixture by extractive distillation and pressure-swing distillation: Das, Nishan A study on analysis and prediction of erosion response of plasma sprayed alumina coatings. Bhushan, Ravi Interaction of hsp 90 with p53 and Its mutated form and their comparison. Sahoo, S Analysis of traffic noise.

Khetan , Rohit Stress analysis of thick walled cylinder. Das, T Wet torrefaction of lignocellulosic biomass for the production of butanol. C, Kashyap Vibration analysis of structures. Rout , Nirakar and Sethy , Jagadish Kumar Implementation of fuzzy logic controller for load frequency control in two area power system. Mahapatra, Lipsa The effect of strain rate on jute fiber composites.

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Kushwaha, Vishwajeet Analysis of torsional vibration characteristics for multi-rotor and gear-branched systems using finite element method. Devismita, Dibya Numerical modelling of cell dehydration during cryopreservation. Singh, Bipin Preparation and Characteristics of tetragonal phase zirconia using dolomite. Haldigundi, Tapan Compression test of aluminium at high temperature.

Biswal, Manoj Design of support system for bord and pillar workings. Nayan, Niraj Kumar Ohd studies on extraction of valuable fuels from karanja and neem seed by pyrolysis.


Ekka, D K Power quality estimation and classification using wavelets. Mahapatro, Soumya Ranjan Control algorithms for a two tank liquid level system: Sahoo, Ranjan and Samantaray, Pinaki Study of friction welding.

Mahapatra, A Alumina silicon oxycarbide hybrids. Dash, Shreetam Numerical analysis in ranque-hilsch vortex tube. Prusty, Sharbanee and Agrawal, Niraj Kumar Two dimensional analysis of frame structures under arbitrary loading.

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Roushan, Satish Inductive power transfer technology for mobile battery charger. Das, Nishan A study on analysis and prediction of erosion response of plasma sprayed alumina coatings. Kumar, Binit Multiferroic composites an overview.

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Tirkey, Nelson Evaluation of Chip Breaker. Akram, S T Security in smartphones and tablets. Mohapatra, I Studies on zircon-dolomite system for refractory application.

nit rourkela phd thesis

Siddhant, Kumar Implementation of fractional open circuit voltage mppt algorithm in a low cost microcontroller. PandaAbhishek Effect of shape, size and content on the effective thermal conductivity BeO filled polymer composites.

Panda, M A study on the quality of the water-resources of cuttack city.

Mallik, Rahul Kumar Synthesis and magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite with different morphology. Mohanty, Chiranjiv Experimental investigation of the combustion, performance and emission parameters of a compression ignition engine using blends of vegetable oil and diesel fuel. Minj, Amit Prem Prakash Green supply chain performance assessment: Lenka, Arunesh Optimization of hot-machining using taguchi method.


Garg, Subham Dry and wet grinding behaviour of Fe and Sio2 in specially designed dual drive planetary ball mill. Naik, Lalit Ranjan CFD analysis of heat transfer in a helical coil heat exchanger with constant heat flux boundary condition.

Mohanty, Maithili Performance based characterisation of bituminous binders. Rour,ela, S Plant design for microbial treatment of waste water with advanced oxidation process.

Sahoo, Sujit Kumar Welding of stainless steel with pure copper by Nd: GangawatJ Optimization of production planning in underground mining. Patra, R Statistical approach for detection of vehicle in heavy traffic. Sinha, Saikat and Patel, Bimal Solid particle erosion of jute fibre reinforced red-mud filled epoxy resin composite. Gupta, S K Studies on lhd fuel cell using rice water as substrate.

nit rourkela phd thesis

Royrkela, Saroj Analysis of combustion and emission characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with alternative fuel by thermodynamic modeling.

Saha, Siddharth and Kumar, Telugu Praveen Network intrusion detection system using string matching.