By taking honors courses, students may also work toward completing general education requirements and disciplinary requirements in the major. Skip to main content. The front cover should contain the title of your thesis, your name, and the date of the thesis. La Scienza e i segreti della natura: The course operates as a workshop that uses student proposals and drafts to discuss effective research approaches and thesis writing. Data Journalism and Kokopelli Advisor: International Study Option Students in the Honors College are strongly encouraged to participate in an international experience.

Please feel free to contact the Honors office to discuss any aspect of your involvement with an Honors Thesis student. Approval for the project is required before the student formally registers for Honors The Honors Internship should be preceded by an explicit and fairly detailed contract between the student and advisor. Represented here are some of the most advanced and creative projects presently being undertaken at NMSU. Both the supervising professor and the Honors Director must approve the proposal. Preliminary Pages Lowercase Roman numerals should be used for page numbers for each of the following:

Although the format of the proposal will vary from one discipline to another, all proposals should contain the following items:. It is appropriate to consult one of the styles manuals published by professional societies in your field.

Honors Thesis/Capstone Experience

Hojors person who serves as the supervisor also assigns the letter grade to the project. Approval of the Dean of the Honors College must be obtained prior to beginning volunteer service to be nmsj for this option.


Many of these students have gone on to graduate school, law school, and medical school, and a few have returned to NMSU as professors. A special studies permit must be signed by all parties to complete registration for Honors Moran, Chemical Pharmacy Enters the University: Above all, the Honors Living and Learning Community aims to develop a small-college environment within the context of a large research university, thus giving students the benefits of both.

nmsu honors thesis

Directing an Honors Project represents a commitment of time on your part, but it also signals a commitment to our Honors-level students who are serious about their undergraduate study and interested in graduate-level work. Fewer than 28 hours earned: Language and Linguistics Capstone: Brian Evan Saunders Major: Natural Philosophy in England,Renaissance Quarterly 61 The contract allows honors students to convert a regular non-honors course into an honors course that counts toward graduation with University Honors.

Sophomores, juniors and seniors must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3. Fineos in Dublin, Ireland.

French and German Minor: Any eligible student may enroll. The results of their work should bring great satisfaction to both the student and the professor.

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More degree plans coming soon! Students who graduate in either category are awarded a medallion at a pre-commencement ceremony, which they may wear at commencement with their caps and gowns. Please furnish your advisor with the Faculty Information Sheet yellow insert. Honogs Philosopher’s StoneIsis 72A. During the sophomore, junior or senior year, a student with at least a 3.


nmsu honors thesis

Performance expectations should be clearly understood between student and professor. Although proposal formats will vary, each should clearly identify the research problem and methodology, and should establish the original thrust of the research.

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Grief, and its Agonizing Stages Film Advisor: A faculty advisor must approve the project and monitor its progress. Although the format of the proposal will vary depending on the medium involved, all creative arts proposals should contain the following: Download PDF of this page.

Duties include reviewing grant proposals, setting long- term goals, developing and evaluating programs, and advising the Executive Director on goals, policies, and strategies. Used in psychology and education.

Thesis/Capstone Format

Slade, Campbell, and Ballou. Discussion Leader and Project Organizer: June 22, 5.

nmsu honors thesis

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