Is Globalization Finally Happening? For details, go to: MS in Event Management A capstone class provides students with the option to choose between a consulting practicum and an individual thesis. More information is available at wes. Curriculum from among 12 courses offered; and either a graduate thesis , capstone project, or virtual cybersecurity internship. The complaint must set forth briefly the nature of the alleged disciplinary infraction and the nature of the evidence. The NYU School of Professional Studies requires continuous enrollment of graduate students each fall and spring semester until the degree sought is granted.

Eligibility for University-sponsored or other medical insurance. Graduates with a diploma hold may contact the Bursar’s Office at to clear arrears or to discuss their financial status at the University. Student Disciplinary Policy and Procedures. More information is available at wes. Leave of Absence Policies for International Students.

The Panel will be chaired by one member, selected by the Panelists to serve in this capacity.

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Curriculum In addition to a thesis project, MS in Professional Writing students ecps either a professional internship or a mock-freelance directed study. Examples of recent student projects include: Defense of Thesis Presentation: Academic Performance Requirements for Graduate Students. A list of all witnesses from nyyu the complainant and the respondent, a one-sentence statement of what they will testify, and any additional written evidence must be submitted in writing to the Office of Student Affairs at least three 3 working days prior to the hearing.

Once the written appeal is received, the Associate Dean of Student Affairs has the sole discretion to determine if an appointment or interview is necessary and, in any case, will communicate a written decision within fifteen 15 days after receiving the written appeal. Whatever the final product, however, it is required that capstone projects make an explicit, identifiable contribution to a particular topic or field within global affairs.


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The Panel membership; and 3. The student and faculty sponsor must meet regularly to discuss the progress of the project.

nyu scps thesis

Citing a source that does not exist. Using quotation marks to set off words not your own.

nyu scps thesis

The Departmental Designee will submit the alleged violation the “Case” for Committee review in accordance with Section V. The signed Agreement Form is a prerequisite for registration in the Graduate Thesis course.

Advisors and students should meet periodically to discuss progress. Students should plan out their entire graduate program as early as possible to ensure the sequence and availability of courses. Students who plan to miss classes for religious reasons are expected to inform instructors beforehand and to be responsible for assignments given during their absence.

Students who are denied an extension are not permitted to continue in the program. Yhesis, decisions will be made and communicated to the students by their department before the end of the academic term in which they make the request. If the student’s request for an incomplete is approved, the student must complete the necessary work by the date ny by the instructor: All NYU School of Professional Thesia students are expected to familiarize thesks with, and to comply with, the rules of conduct, academic regulations, and the established policies and practices of the University and the School.

Suspended enrollment during a semester is only allowed in rare, exceptional circumstances.

In addition to the written thesis, students must prepare for and participate in a Defense of Thesis Presentation of no longer than 15 minutes in length. Questioning will be directed to and posed by the Committee Chair. The dean shall have the power to stay the sanction imposed by the hearing body but may not vacate the stay granted by the hearing body.


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Student Disciplinary Policy and Procedures. With that said, it is beneficial for you to think about and plan for the completion of your thesis well before the end of your time at CGA.

Project proposals that are not viewed by CGA faculty as making a satisfactory contribution to global affairs will not be permitted to proceed. The thesis provides an opportunity to yhesis a For students who are readmitted, the original period of matriculation is counted toward the two-year or five-year time limit; the hiatus is not counted, and the clock restarts upon readmission. Students must submit to the faculty sponsor both thesiss and hard copies of their proposal, unless otherwise instructed by the prospective advisor.

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theiss A copy of the course syllabus. To receive a final grade for a course, students must have complied with the attendance policy in the syllabus and must have satisfactorily completed all examinations and other assignments prescribed by the instructor.

If after taking these steps, you believe a grade appeal is justified, the following levels of appeal are available to you:. An explanation of biases positive or negative should be included in the email statement. Students are expected—often required—to build their own work on that of other people, just as professional researchers and writers do, and they must give thsis for ideas, suggestions, and information that come from other sources.