The resulting FTA with Malaysia should of course be of mutual benefit to both parties. In recent months the disease has spread from Russia to Ukraine and Belarus, and has now been carried by wild boar into Lithuania and Poland. Possible health and environmental hazards of the enlarging of the Fontanafredda radio station in Cinto Euganeo Padua. The use of English is, thus, one of the three recommended language skills, not the only one. The Commission has not received any notification from Bulgaria on the legal mechanisms allowing the sale of public lands without bidding procedures and at prices that would allegedly be below market rates. He says that the majority of the members are frail and elderly with age-related medical conditions which include depression, memory loss and heart problems.

One of those actions is the revision of EU legislation to facilitate the recognition and enforcement of decisions on parental responsibility. My constituent tells me that this charity has been operating as a day centre since and that it offers exercise classes and visits to places of cultural and historic interest. It is important to take protective measures against potentially harmful content, such as gambling, while at the same time facilitating access of children to the benefits of the Internet, such as learning, leisure activities and other positive online interactions. Each Member State is entitled to draw up a list of such events. This information is supposed to help the secret services to investigate and track target persons or expose weak points. Gli Stati membri saranno incoraggiati ad attuare le raccomandazioni, compresa la raccolta di dati sui consumatori che partecipano ai servizi di gioco d’azzardo online.

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Ujala – The Supreme Whitener. These combined strategies can support children and young people to deal with harmful content and contacts and to understand the responsibility they themselves need to take for their behaviours online. Urbanisation manifests itself in the expansion of urban regions which encompass an ever-increasing number of rural spaces and marginalise rural activities to the sole benefit of the economic activities of the urban region and to the olimpiad of its lifestyle, environment, social balance and cultural heritage.

Has the Commission now assessed these plans?


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olimpiwdi The family should be one of the anchors on which to build a common culture that gives problen value and substance to the process of building the European Union, due to the fact that it olimpidai recognised in all Member States and by the vast majority of the population as a vital institution for the upbringing, growth and education of new citizens. It aims to give parents and children the tools they need to fully and safely benefit from being online, including providing report mechanisms and teaching children in all EU schools to be digital literate and self-responsible online.

Circulating tumor cells and their advances to promote cancer metastasis and relapse, with focus on glioblastoma multiforme. Old pharmaceuticals and their impact on the environment.

These meetings are aimed at improving the functioning of the Convention and at exchanging best practices. Indeed, minimising the collected data to what is strictly necessary reduces the risks of personal data breaches, and of misuse of the personal data.

The EU considers that these laws lead to the stigmatisation of particular groups and individuals and to discriminatory practices and discourse against them.

Deliberate attacks on the Jewish community of Kiev. Siamo ben coscienti dei rischi e degli effetti collaterali negativi indesiderati dei periodi prolungati di allentamento monetario. The Commission is still at soling beginning of the negotiations, but has moved to text-based discussions in most areas. The Commission will carry out a full assessment oilmpiadi the potential socioeconomic and environmental impacts of a range of different options for these criteria zolving for their implementation in the legislation.

Economic consequences of negotiations with Norway on fishing quotas. Generally speaking, there are no harmonised EU provisions for taxes levied on leisure craft.

Gibraltar’s inclusion in the Common Aviation Area.

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There has been no early retirement scheme in connection with accession of Croatia. Does it also believe that national governments need to adopt specific measures concerning this issue? Recentelijk hebben EU-burgers ons hun bezorgdheid kenbaar gemaakt over praktijken die in strijd zijn met de doelstellingen van het project voor een eengemaakte eurobetalingsruimte Single Euro Payments Area — SEPAen met name de tenuitvoerlegging van Verordening EU nr. This is a practice whereby car rental companies unexpectedly charge customers for a full tank of fuel upon arrival at a rental location.


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Specifically, in that case the procedure formalised at the beginning should be applied, i. The strategy builds on the Europe agenda but it is adapted to the specific needs and poblem of the western Balkans. As anyone may klimpiadi the course of a lifetime have to face the challenges of a physical disability, it is important that the built-up environment be barrier-free and adapted to meet the needs of all people equally. The procurement procedures referred to by the Honourable Member had not been brought to the attention of the Commission so far.

According to the ACOOC, a Colombian organisation of conscientious objectors to compulsory military service, the National Office for Army Recruitment is recruiting young people classififa year.

The Commission has not received any notification from Bulgaria on the legal mechanisms allowing the sale of public lands without bidding procedures and at prices that would allegedly be below market rates. Salvaguardia dei mercati rionali.

Staff at Actiris refuse to provide information in English and are banned from using English on work premises. Il benessere e la gestione delle olimpiiadi di animali randagi non sono disciplinati da norme UE, rientrando tra le competenze esclusive dei vari paesi.

olimpiadi problem solving classifica 2013

Could the Commission confirm whether it intends to take any steps to ensure that European zoos implement a policy of always relocating healthy animals rather than one of euthanasia? New software to deter digital crime. Has the Commision decided on a target date for finalisation of the negotiations or agreed on such a date with its Indian partners?

Conversion of cajas into commercial banks. Why does the Commission permit discrimination against EU citizens when it comes to free access to the labour market? Any application should be based on the assessment of the damage and its consequences for living conditions and the economy.