Sitting back down, Rufus turned the bottle around in his hand, admiring the golden brown colour and the way the brandy seemed to stick to the side of the glass as he moved it. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A better course than the Level 2 Creative Writing course that I took last year. His feedback on my work was so detailed, ok, not always positive, but always constructive – always very honest! Thank you Mrs A- nothing grabbed me.

My tutor was very good and responded quickly if we post work on the TGF, but I would have preferred more students from my group to use it. Some people struggled with the new techniques they were learning and my forum was pretty quiet but set against that was a great course structure the necessity of sustaining an idea over two and even three modules and a fantastic tutor. See this page for the full text of questions and more information about the survey. Do not come to this course expecting A Part 2. I was fortunate to have a knowledgeable and astute tutor who was a good sounding board for ideas and techniques and highly recommend this module. A better course than the Level 2 Creative Writing course that I took last year. And in fact that format offers some considerable strengths, it means that poetry and fiction can be taught alongside film writing and life writing.

OU A215 Creative Writing: What did I learn?

KathR Online Member Posts: I know little about the teenage market, sorry. This section goes on to explore writing approaches in wide-ranging fashion, covering poetic form, rhetoric and the use of analogy. However, some activities may have more specific requirements.

This site uses cookies. Henrietta Online Member Posts: October Review axvanced Moderately useful, but I found it just as easy to type or write a list of the idea words in a line, deleting them as I incorporated wriying into the piece of writing.


My subconscious mind has not been cavorting while I was asleep, but stumbling about weakly, worrying about the day job. Until last night, that is.

A Creative Writing Handbook: That being said, the challenge of adapting TMA1 into a script form is one that can stretch the abilities, and I evtually revised TMA1 the Story in light of what I had learned about my characters, and about the use of “camera work” in prose writing, in the course of TMA2.

I attribute that to three reasons, i No poetry, ii I got a better mark, iii Screen writing. In order to preserve sanity I embarked on a short story for TMA05 and a screen play for the EMA and found myself using the poetic and filmic devices taught. I discovered that Mind Node was a useful app for doing this on the iPad. Freewriting is supposed to be about whatever comes into your mind. You must be logged in to post a comment.

He took a deep sniff of the contents.

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It was very well written, very honest, and did make me laugh out loud. But it would be interesting to look at the statistics for lengths of novels to see if there have been more novellas.

You’ll generate slightly fewer projects but these will be of more substantial length and you will spend longer developing, editing and redrafting your work. A second aa363 was to learn more about writing scripts.

Student and tutor module reviews

There is no time limit on when something from a notebook might be used, or might occur to be relevant. I know I’m being fussy but I don’t want anything academic- done all that before, needs to be really fascinating to make me stick with it and I know I it will leap out at me when I see the right thing.


Rufus rarely had drink in the house. Write a proposal, send it to a publisher, and get the genuine experience. Vreative work is not the same as I submitted on the modules.

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Three years of OU modules, from book-keeping to maths, science to astronomy, music technology to creative writing in various guises. If I go ahead and publish, there is a good chance that this software would quickly pick up any attempts to a33 what I have written. I too passed the course with a grade 2. I think the climate has changed, especially with electronic submission check the publisherand many people do submit to more cdeative one publisher at a time nowadays.

ou advanced creative writing a363

I loved A, my tutor was excellent and, more importantly, gave me good marks. Many aspects of the learning experience appear to be working well.

Will they smile or laugh out loud?

September 27, at 8: One thing that creative writing courses can wfiting is accelerate writing development — there is concrete evidence of that from all universities that teach the subject, including the OU, and it is exemplified by the quality and quantity of writers and writing outputs that have come out of creative writing courses.

Although the experience of the ECA proposal, extract, revise and final version may mirror what happens in the “real” world, I do feel that the course should, instead, have concentrated on sharpening writing skills by more emphasis on oy in general, rather than giving the students what amounts to a very expensive “valuable life lesson”.