From here you will be equipped with safety harness. Decades before the whitewater rafting of Cagayan de Oro and Chico river were developed, boatmen skillfully maneuvered their bancas through the rapids of Bumbungan River. The older and weaker of the two brothers, Balubad, died of thirst. Sotto Aug 1, , 4: Exhilirating raft ride passing through the falls to Devil’s Cave. But one day calamity struck.

In the end you will enjoy the magnificent Pagsanjan Falls We passed by the town of Calamba, Bay, Victoria, Pila, Pagsanjan where we are hounded by boatmen offering their service, and finally Cavinti. Left alone in a waterless world, Magdapio agonizingly trekked to the upper region of the arid riverbed. The falls and gorge were declared as a National Park with Proc. There is a legend that lends credence to this name, recounted by Dr. One of the most famous tourist spots in the Philippines is Pagsanjan Falls.

pagsanjan falls thesis

In the end you will enjoy the magnificent Pagsanjan Falls Driving direction to Cavinti Laguna: At the front desk you will be asked if someone in your group has heart problem, asthma or fear of heights reminding visitors that payment is non-refundable once you backed-out.

Bring only the important things needed on your trek like towel, water and your camera on a resealable plastic bag to protect it from getting wet or better yet bring a waterproof camera. Jon Diesta yeas you are right There were only the tthesis highlands, the twin rivers, called Bumbungan and Balanac, and the alluvial delta where the town of Pagsanjan now nestles. Two skilled and licensed boatmen take one to three passengers on wooden or fiberglass, long, narrow canoes to the falls, which could take more than an hour of paddling upstream depending on traffic and water level.


pagsanjan falls thesis

Suddenly, a spring bubbled on the spot where the cane fell. View from the elevated ladder. Exhilirating raft ride passing through the falls to Devil’s Cave. The rivers, creeks, and mineral springs dried up. We arrived at Pueblo El Salvador around 9: Shooting the rapids 1 hr Sidetrip destinations: The most popular way of reaching the falls is through the Shooting the rapids boat ride, which originates from any of the resorts along Bumbungan and Balanac Rivers.

Our WANDERful JouRnEy!: Pagsanjan Falls via vertical trek at Cavinti Laguna

Day and night, they prayed for rain, but the gods did not heed their prayers. All set for an extraordinary adventure. Nonetheless, it was so enjoyable and exhilarating!

Although the waterfalls itself is under the jurisdiction of the adjacent town of Cavinti, the boat trip to the tehsis — a crucial part of the experience — is in Pagsanjan town. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Pagsanjan Falls

Balubad and Magdapio suffered immensely. We paid php per head that includes entrance fee, guide and rappelling gears. Anonymous Apr 2,5: Access to the falls.

pagsanjan falls thesis

But one day calamity struck. Bunga Twin Falls Part 5: Pagsanjan Falls and River.


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The return trip called Shooting the rapids is a thrill ride through fourteen rapids as the skilled boatmen maneuvers the boat through the narrow rocks as it heads downstream.

Amazed at the miracle, Magdapio fell on his knees and thanked the fxlls. From there, you could arrange your trip in the resorts and inns. Nicole Anne Cayanga Dec 21, Otherwise, use your convincing powers here so people-in-charge on the harness will prioritize you to ascend. Bring a lot of water since trekking and rappelling needs lot of energy to consume. The journey takes passengers through the narrow and verdant Pagsanjan tjesis lined with huge boulders, rocks and small waterfalls.

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A move by the ruling body of the town of Cavinti was submitted to the Sangguniang Bayan on February 10, proposing the renaming of the falls to Cavinti Falls. Anyone knows who we can contact to try water rafting and experience pagsanjan falls?

The older and weaker of the two brothers, Balubad, died of thirst. Your input will be much appreciated….