We use this as our theoretical base for an heuristic tool, “the research management…. A total of students were recruited from various medical, engineering, and commerce and arts colleges of Chandigarh , India. What is the scope of general surgery? Atlas of Essential Procedures. Brief descriptions of each of the individual research projects are also given.

Couples participated in 1 month of three weekly gender-concordant behavioral intervention groups and were individually administered assessments preintervention and post-intervention. Group A received Prevention Package I, i. Western Conifers Research Cooperative research plan. In this review, the author explores an often-used process in research –the mind map. Atlas of Cardiac Surgical Techniques. Assessment of nutritional status in COPD and asthma Pattern of respiratory diseases and associated co-morbidities in patients attending Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute. Checking the detail in retail:

Aim Present cross-sectional exploratory study was planned to assess oral health knowledge and practices of secondary school students in ChandigarhIndia.

An introduction to setting research priorities and a selection of research accomplishments that define the scope of the biodefense research program is provided. Absolute Hospital Medicine Review. Alternating Electric Fields Therapy in Oncology.

pgi chandigarh thesis topics

Modern teaching trends in medical education exhibit a paradigm shift from the conventional classroom teaching methods adopted in the past to nonconventional teaching aids so as to encourage interactive forms of learning in medical students through active participation and integrative reasoning where the relationship of the teacher and the taught has undergone tremendous transformation.


Atlas of Endovascular Venous Surgery. Formative research using a qualitative exploratory approach was undertaken to inform the intervention.

pgi chandigarh thesis topics

Awareness regarding at least one contraceptive was found among Advances in Nutrition and Topice. Child sexual abuse is a dark reality that routinely inflicts our daily lives but in a majority of cases it goes unnoticed and unreported on account of the innocence of the victim, stigma attached to the act, callousness and insensitivity of the investigating and thezis law enforcement agencies, etc. Based on the findings, it can be concluded that high prevalence of caries was found in primary dentition than permanent dentition and most of the decayed teeth were untreated.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. Case group patients underwent the surgical procedure in tipics manner with no antibiotic either at the time of induction or post-operatively. Alcohol, Nutrition, and Health Consequences. The paper discusses research leadership in public universities under change and the role of entrepreneurial strategies in research.

Surgical and Radiologic Correlations. Acceptability and satisfaction with the intervention were high. However, pfs25 showed less diversity and was the most stable among the targeted genes.

GP who was secretly filmed taking pills from stock cupboard is suspended for a year. Further research will evaluate effects on treatment participation.

In virtually every research arena, one finds major difficulties in implementing the…. None of these patients had any local site infection. Find out by taking a free full-length practice test. Effect of pulmonary rehabilitation on, systemic inflammation, muscle mass and function status in interstitial lung diseases. Exploratory Advanced Research Program.


PGIMER, Chandigarh

Data were presented with descriptive statistics in numbers and percentages. The subject was given a copy of list of words to be pronounced and score one was given for each word pronounced correctly. A History of Self-Harm in Britain. Comprehension and compliance with the discharge advice and quality of life at home among the postoperative neurosurgery patients discharged from PGIMERChandigarhIndia.

Advances in Salivary Diagnostics.

Dr. Tulsi Das Library, Chandigarh, INDIA

Results of a rapid assessment survey. The research dimension of higher education programmes is usually discussed in association with doctoral studies. There is an urgent need to identify naive communities and unvaccinated individuals at risk. Cuandigarh of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology. Recommendations are provided to ensure rigorous implementation of this research approach.