Pride, emotions prevailed May 22, He also took note that unlike in the Senate where Cayetano and JV Ejercito had withdrawn their sponsorship of the bill, no congressman had done the same, and that the measure would be passed on time. Not only one, but a whopping 44 members of the PNP-SAF were killed without mercy and were also robbed of their belongings. On Sunday, January 25, , three platoons of the elite SAF police squad entered the guerrilla enclave of Tukanalipao, Mindanao , Philippines , with the goal of detaining two high-ranking Jemaah Islamiyah -affiliated, improvised-explosive-device experts, Zulkifli Abdhir also known as Marwan and Abdul Basit Usman. Initial reports said that he was betrayed by his own guards, or infighting among them.

Spain — In a joint statement with Australia, Spain stated that it “trusts there will be a quick investigation into the facts and the consequent accountability so that the search for solid and long-lasting peace in Mindanao can be resumed with the most extensive consensus possible,”. House supports Bangsamoro bill but trust ‘eroded ‘ “. As for the government, we can only hope that they can financially aid the families of the fallen Retrieved from ” https: We need to acknowledge that local actors, despite differences in inclinations and beliefs, are all important in any effort to conduct effective missions, whether counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, or even counterpoverty.

It calls on all PNP officers and troops to speak up and stand against the Aquino regime and its police officials who ordered the Mamasapano operation and expose continuing US military interventionism in the Philippines,” essay Communist Party said condemning the Aquino government including the United States which the party claims to be involved in the incident.


CHR chief, senators disagree on what to call Mamasapano incident”. Views Read Edit View history. Moro group, Suara Bangsamoro, claimed in a post-fact-finding mission report that at least 7 civilians were killed and 3 others were injured during the Mamasapano clash.

For the first time, SAF troopers were involved in the Balikatan exercises in since American and Filipino troops are usually involved. Retrieved January 28, Retrieved January 24, The attack vs Marwan”.

Almost in complete attendance were the members of the PNPA Kaisang Bisig Class ofwho lost three of their batchmates in the massacre: Ronaldo Genaro Ylagan, Quezon police chief, occupied several sag. Senator Joseph Victor Ejercito calls the human rights body to also protect the rights of government security forces and not only those of activists and media people. Gednat Tabdi, Senior Insp. Miscalculation and unplanned attacks can result to something as unfortunate as this.

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Former PNP-SAF head Chief Supt Napenas estimates that each of esssay SAF snipers may have shot down at least 20 attackers in which the total casualties are[25] [42] but this was met with skepticism since there was no bodycount and there was no acceptable level of evidence to prove his claim and that the claim itself is hard to believe. Ateneo de Manila University. Retrieved March pn;, US embassy denies report”. As early as [21]. Notify me of new comments via email.


SAF44 debate goes on”. They also covered their badges with black ribbons and wore black armbands. Moro conflict history, incidents and peace process. A group of Jordanian businessmen willing to invest on a banana plantation left abruptly once they arrived on February 1 after hearing about the incident.

pnp saf essay

Retrieved March 25, You are commenting using your Twitter account. Retrieved February 9, Senator Grace Poe echoed Escudero’s reasonings.

Mamasapano clash

Robert Reyes, who led the activity, said the walk expressed their grief for the fallen officers, three of essaj were from Isabela. But what can you say? Bahnarin Ampatuan, who is also implicated in the Maguindanao massacre case, is the brother of Mamasapano mayor Benzar Ampatuan. Badruddin’s wife Sarah Langalan recalled that her husband went to charge his cellphone but never came back.

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A total of 44 SAF personnel were killed during the encounter. Republic of the Philippines News Agency. Retrieved March 8, Eight months later, on September 22,criminal charges were filed by the Pmp against 90 individuals, 25 from the MILF, 12 from the BIFF, and 52 from private armed group or with unknown affiliation who involved in the clash. To find out more, please click this link.

pnp saf essay