For Study Habit Thesis. The researchers aim to develop environmentally safe plant-based protection products having no considerable threat to humans i. Baybay-Dagat San Fernando, Masbate johnconsencino hotmail. They produce a sugary waste product called honeydew, which is fed on by ants. The crimson or orange red Fruits are elongate conical somewhat flattened and very pungent. The parents were then asked to sign informed consent forms to indicate their permission to allow their children to be a part of the study.

Majority of the respondents The more concentrated the Kakawate leaves and Chili fruits and seeds extracts is the more it is effective than the diluted one, thus the effectiveness rises when the degree of concentration increases. Salome Montegrande whose gave their moral and financial support. Two kilograms of G. The present study will not test the effectivity of the formulation to other pests in the garden.

The average number of dead aphids is Results showed that G. This organic fungicide offers a safer substitute for synthetic fungicides that Fresh leaves of G.

The efficacy of kakawate Gliricidia sepium leaf extract soap could be due to its major constituents, which were sulfur, tannin, glycosides. Study Habit and a good output of every examinations.

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Fungicidal causing Fusarium wilt of banana properties of two saponins fromCapsicum B. Clemson University, Clemson, SC. Percent of Inhibition abotu G. Based on the results of the study, G.


Bed Bug Research John F. This is because kakawate leaf extract soap does not only kkakawate the mites, but it also cleanses the lesion, exposing the deeper portion of the skin where mange mites hide. The different concentration used are as follows: The conduct of this study at the same time, the development of an environmentally safe plant- based protection product can be of great help in their advocacy campaign as first -hand experience in doing ecological practices.

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Liberty Orolfo Salvadora Occupation: Table 2 shows the data presentation template for the control and experimental set-ups of paped experiment. The plants were replanted again in each different cans. To start up with, first treatment T0 Water was tested. For the added ingredients like sodium hydroxide and palm oil during soap making, kakawate leaf extract soap kwkawate more efficient against mange mites of dogs than the other previous studies about kakawate leaf extract.

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Owing solely from curiosity and innate resourcefulness, humans since time immemorial were ingenious enough to devise ways and produce products that became helpful in their daily lives.

One of such products made particularly for pest control has been in use by humans about years ago by Sumerians who used Sulphur compounds paped control insects and mites.


Preparation of Equipments In order to conduct the experiment, the researcher first prepared the equipment’s needed. This plant has a great benefits in treatment. Thus, application of alkaloids merits the replacement of chemical insecticides used currently by farmers.

The average number of dead aphids is 8. Expectedly, the treatment papfr no deaths in the aphids in each of the replicates tested with T 0. Percentage efficacy of kakawate leaf extracts soap. Proposal Defense Power Point 1.

research paper about kakawate

The bark is smooth, and its color can range from a whitish gray to deep red-brown. Rezearch information dissemination regarding the efficacy and use of KLES; 5. This means that G. Descriptive survey was used in the determination of acceptability of the soap.

As shown on Table 1, graphically presented sepium leaf extract is effective in controlling the in Figure 5, radial growth was significantly decreased radial growth of Fusarium oxysporum f. Kakawate Leaves Gliricidia sepium. Based on the statement of Kaiawate Sta. Leaflet midrib and rachis are occasionally striped red.