Cooling technology has seen a significant improvement over last few years. Help Center Find new research papers in: In , Sierra et al. Rising demands has also propelled the manufacturers to come up with path-breaking innovation to improve the utility of refrigerator. Tech in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in [Thermal Department. Such compressors are designed to work incessantly at the peak load conditions for high temperatures in summers , which means that they run at peak load even in winters when the cooling requirement is less. The best part is that they are around 26 times more durable than the conventional lamps found in older refrigerators.

In common usage CFC is used as a refrigerant in the above described refrigeration system. Also, few models from the premium NXW series come with smart collapsible wine rack capable of holding 5 bottles. Tech in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in [Thermal Department]. StayCool is a cooling gel technology from Godrej. Power cuts poise two problems for the refrigerator. They offer a great flexibility for adjusting shelves.

VARS as combination of engine and refrigerator change of the working fluid of reseaarch system undergoing the cycle is zero, i. The main benefit of this design is that it slows down the process of ice melting. The refrigerator has been one of the most important innovations in home appliances category over the last century.


Thus, electricity is saved even during the late evenings when compressor can run at a lesser speed. Samsung and LG lead the pack in this department as they come with most advanced inverters and are the only two brands giving inverter technology even in single door refrigerators. Now the high Here; Qe is the heat absorbed by the absorber.

research paper on compressorless refrigerator

Thus, in this article, we saw all the major happening technologies in the world of refrigerators. Second is much more hazardous—damage to the refrigerator due to voltage fluctuations. Samsung arms its compressor with a smart digital inverter with 7 adjustable speeds to suit different cooling demands.


It is one of the most customizable ways of managing the space within the refrigerator easily. As an upgrade to this simple compressor manufacturers has come up with inverter compressor technology.

Latest Refrigerator Technologies in India – Review : Bijli Bachao

Because they use piston drive in place of the reciprocal one, refrigeration performs with optimal efficiency leading to big energy savings. Samsung and LG have usually been the vanguard in the refrigeration technology and innovation.

Since the refrigeration system operates in a closed cycle, the entropy Fig With a background in engineering, penchant for detail, and flair for writing he regularly write reviews about brands and their researrch.

Besides the usual cooling gel modern direct cool Whirlpool refrigerators also come with insulated capillary technology. We usually reply within a day. This makes sure that during the compressroless season when the cooling load is more, the compressor works at the redrigerator capacity taking more electricity.

Neglecting pump work Wp the COP is given by: Archaic models of refrigerators usually come with a single fan which takes the burden of cooling both—refrigerator and freezer.

research paper on compressorless refrigerator

Samsung is the first manufacturer in India to come with a Cool Wall inside the refrigerator—an especially designed wall which retains cooling even during power cuts for several hours.

It also allows the user to set the direction of cool air.

As we mentioned earlier, inverter compressor is the most useful innovation in the refrigeration industry helping to deliver optimized cooling, ressearch in energy consumption, lesser noise, longer life and a reduced the carbon footprint.

Like degree Airflow offered by Haier, Whirlpool offers 3D Airflow technology which imparts uniform cooling through a strategically placed pair of flexible vents. First is the spoilage of food in case if power cuts persist for a longer duration of time. Help Center Find new research papers in: When the speed required is more, the acceleration is more, and when it is less, and then the acceleration is less.


Chilling gel with cooling wall and diamond edges ensures that the cooling remains inside the refrigerator for long even during the power cuts; while stabilizer-free operation ensures that when the power comes back there is no harm to the refrigerator.

research paper on compressorless refrigerator

More from this author. Whirlpool offers a gamut of crisper types and designs:.

Tech in Refgigerator this section, I would acknowledge the efforts of mine co — Mechanical Engineering with authors i. Digital Inverter technology is arguably the most important innovation, pushing the boundaries of water refrigeration technology. The lighting system in most of the modern refrigerator has been replaced with LEDs. It circulates air uniformly in multiple directions from its multi air flow vents so that every corner of the refrigerator is evenly cooled.

This would be a boon for the users who plan to install their refrigerator in a place where the complete opening of the door would be difficult.

This liquid refrigerant is compressorpess to the expansion valve and where it is forwarded to the evaporator, In Fig-4 we can easily observe the transfer of energy taking where the refrigeration effect is achieved and thus completes in the entire system among the components. With the rising middle class and larger compressorlese income, demand for the refrigerators have witnessed a robust double-digit growth over last few years.