There are many powerful, influential figures who have worked towards bringing us together and have impacted society, but in the end, they all failed. Acceptance also seems to have eluded us. Thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr. Grade 6, First Place: Not white or black. We were all born equal, coming into this world as a fragile infant with no ideas of all the cruel things this world contains.

The vital task of creating harmony is not simple: When we see justice in our world that is a glimpse of the beloved community. Equality in America does not exist and we are slowly beginning to see this. King the flame of racism is all but extinguished and the children of this age have accepted the colors of all races. This notion, although it can apply to nature, specifically champions nurturing cultural harmony among mankind.

He nurtured the idea that without one culture, or ingredient, the world wouldn’t be complete. Be the change you want to cobtest in the world. Nobody would be special in their own way.

swackhamer peace essay contest 2015

What if everyone looked the same? Without an open mind, one is hindering himself from developing in the modern world, a world defined by diversity.

Its rich depths of color coming together as a whole remind us of the values of cultural harmony, and the different styles of strokes help us see that everyone must be valued for who they swacihamer. Simply put, the finish line is Dr.

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No matter who it is, I help and enjoy doing so. Unity is when we come together with other people or groups to make something greater than any of us alone. King’s life exhibited to the deep metaphor of nature’s harmony, we as a people can explore the meaning, examine the journey, and understand the benefits of nurturing cultural harmony within our essau.


swackhamer peace essay contest 2015

Then, we compare everyone against that standard. Races and cultures add color and character to the canvas. Our society has not yet reached its full potential as Dr. Martin loved diversity and he wanted us to celebrate our differences. The mission of the Community Harvest Food Bank is to alleviate hunger through the full use of donated food and other resources.

This is how embracing diversity brings contewt closer. Some people are still stuck in the mindset of Anglo supremacy but I would like to peeace that the American culture has embraced all easay of life.

This feeling of love is ingrained into our psyche, so much so that we remember even one brief moment of love over a lifetime. We process ideas different from our friends and families, but one thing always is equal.

swackhamer peace essay contest 2015

Love transcends endless boundaries, braves the roughest of waves, and grows like a rose in the smallest of cracks in a sidewalk of sadness. This notion, although it can apply to nature, specifically champions nurturing cultural harmony among mankind. May this ring true to everyone not just in America but the entire world! They say no one is born racist, but they learn it as the grow up.


Learn about other cultures and your own. Judging will be done by a committee of poets selected by the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. Click here for Financial Aid for Minority Students.

In order to create the desired picture all the pieces must be different… Each and every piece has its own significance and serves its own purpose.

We are all the same on the inside, so we should be treated like it on the outside, too.

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Many of these trees stand over two hundred and seventy-five feet tall with a base diameter over thirty-six feet! If we all embraced unity and started making positive changes with ourselves, the mission will be accomplished: What is the point?

Now to the big question, what can we do to achieve this world? A key that can restore unity within our nation. The Barbara Mandigo Kelly Peace Poetry Awards is an annual series of awards to encourage poets to explore and illuminate positive visions of peace and the human spirit.

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Click here for the Rene Matos Scholarship! We come from all over the world and we embrace it. David Thang, Lakeland, Mrs.