Regardless of your background coming in, our goal is to help every one of you succeed, and enjoy yourselves as much as possible in the process! The results of the diagnostic exam will not affect or in any way be counted towards your final grade for the course, nor do they affect your ability to be enrolled in the course. No quizzes during weeks of hour exams. Average and instantaneous rate of change. Instances of academic misconduct by students will be handled pursuant to the Student Disciplinary Policy:

This can be done on the section “my page” of the website. There are some hopefully mild problems with this failure: You are strongly encouraged to work together with a group of colleagues on these and any homework problems, but you must write up the solutions by yourself! Study your class notes and single out some examples to include in the “Review” section of your binder. You have to try to keep the “Review” section of your binder clean, clear and irrendudant.

This is the place to ask any questions of general interest on class procedures or any questions relating to the material or the homework.

You are expected to complete the assigned reading in the text before each class. In fact the difference between the two will become obvious when we do derivatives.

uic calc 180 homework

Homework will be due on the specified date listed on the homework itself at the beginning of your discussion class. Please calf from the following: Average and instantaneous rate of change.


MATH 180: Calculus I

Your submissions of the last 10 days on the progress grid, your quick problem submissions for the same period have been lost. You caalc seek free and confidential services from the Counseling Center. Elementary properties of the derivative.

uic calc 180 homework

You can homewoek points as follows: Instructor office hours are above, TA office hours are available on the main course webpage. My responsibilities are to come to class prepared, respond to and encourage questions and other clc participation, administer and grade together with the TA quizzes, homework sets and exams, be available to you during office hours and scheduled appointments, and stimulate enthusiasm for mathematics.

Please let me know if this clarified your question or further input is needed. In the second degree case it comes multiplied with a “fudge” factor that you have to bound by restricting close to a. It is University policy uuic students with disabilities who require accommodations for access and participation in this course must be registered with the Office of Disability Services.

There are some hopefully mild problems with this failure: The derivative as a function.

Showing up at the end just to take a quiz is not acceptable. Calculus, Single Variable, fourth editionby D. Please do the following: It is of vital importance that you don’t get to the homework before you complete these tasks.

Math Calculus I

Choose your review exam score from the drop-down menu on the right. The mean value theorem. No late homework will be accepted. Aakarsh- I just went to the departmental website and clicked on homework and it should be on the top of the page it will say written assignment 4. Solutions to some of the problemswill be posted on the same website.


uic calc 180 homework

Michael Defranco and Marcy Robertson Discussion sections: It will also give you some information on the class policies. Attendance will be taken on random days through a pop quiz. homrwork

General Information

Fundamental Theorem of Calculus existence of antiderivatives. Because homewrok I click on it ,it just doesn’t open. Once you get to that page, everything should be self explanatory, but please ask if you have any further questions. These written problems will generally be more challenging than the optional homework problems and will require you to show your full work.

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Homework — Optional problems will be completed in MyMathLab. There will also be a homework consisting of kic from the book posted on the departmental website. There was a very serious hacker attack on my website two days ago and this is the cause of the problem. There are two tabs on this website: