Regardless, it’s definitely not something you should worry about since as far as classes you’ll need to take before graduating, it’s pretty middle-of-the-road. I was too lazy to read the textbooks and found the prelectures not so helpful. The one class I am a bit worried about is The lab is worth a third of your grade and there’s no reason you shouldn’t get an A in it. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Log in or sign up in seconds. The homework was pretty helpful most of the time and the discussion can be helpful if you can find a nice group.

Now, I can’t say for certain how it’ll be for you because I took at Parkland, but I didn’t have much trouble. Esp during the last few lectures in I found somewhat the opposite. That’s curious, I’ve never had a single physics course after anywhere near that level of easiness. As a matter of fact, every TA I go to I strictly say ‘dont give me the answer’. The exams can be tricky and punishing, but it varies each semester.

Don’t believe a single damn thing that the textbook or the professor! Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Townies are all welcome. Homework 3 due Online Quiz 3 due.


You also need to read the textbook or lecture notes or whatever.

University of Illinois Physics

I’m pretty TA stands for teaching assistant so he’s supposed to be a ansders teacher. Submit a new link. All that and he expects his community college A to carry over here. Just go to lecture and pay attention homeworm you’ll be fine. UIUC submitted 3 years ago by isstupid. Discussion 5 Quiz 4. Esp during the last few lectures in But college is hard, and if you can’t handle something as low-level as you’re going to have a few difficult years ahead of you.

Intro to Quantum Physics: Online quizzes actually don’t account for that many points. I’ve heard is not as bad, but still very challenging. There are so many answrs on campus such as tutors, office hours, classmates, and online exams that can help you understand the material.


I’m a bit worried about as well, wanna form a study group? Be careful with the labs, esp 2144 prelabs since you can lose lots of points if you make a mistake and the percentage is pretty large. Time-Dependent Quantum States pdf ppt 9: Relax its only two credits.


PHYS Fall And as you said, there’s much thrown at you with little reasoning. It’s probably been removed by the overzealous reddit spam filter.

Phys (Quantum) advice : UIUC

Prelecture 8 Solutions for hydrogen. UIUC subscribe unsubscribe 32, readers users here now After years of shady and illegal behaviorSuburban Express has officially shut down. I really enjoyed when I took it. Discussion 3 Quiz 2.

uiuc physics 214 homework answers

I am doing well in my other ece classes, had a 3. If you find that question annoying, physixs you’re easily annoyed. They were not easy but personally I found them just fine.

There’s a difference between talking about a concept in class and actually going through the reasoning why. Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Townies are all welcome.

We had Lumetta and Kindratenko who were both awesome professors. But it sounds like you’re just making excuses.

Lhysics to Chapters 35 and 36 were omitted in your textbook.

uiuc physics 214 homework answers