To be eligible, students must be domestic students registered in a research-based program which does not include a mandatory internship, co-op, practicum, or placement component. Quick route from Natural Science: Bring your crafts and art projects to the Grad Club on January 14, Considerations are, for instance, a their likely availability, b the applicability of their teaching and research interests to the specific thesis project, c their experience in the examiner role, d their potential helpfulness for the candidate’s career. The Graduate Student Internship Program is a new experiential learning initiative that allows students in research-based graduate programs to enhance their employability, expand their networks, and explore potential careers through paid internships.

Feel free to approach members of the department who are not instructing you in courses, as well as those who are. These bursaries are awarded to students from Ontario with demonstrated financial need. Supervisor reads thesis draft The time needed by the supervisor for reading and reporting back should be negotiated in advance. Students without an approved proposal by July 1 will automatically be placed in the Major Research Paper option. Interested in learning what Zotero can do? The prospectus must be in the following form. All residual proof-reading and checking e.

Graduate Admissions Undergraduate Admissions. Special Coffee House event at the Grad Club in the evening of the 13th. Fill out the application form and bring it into the SOGS office or email sogs.

Grade Submission Deadline

Want to practice your English? Such informal advice will lead to exploratory reading, until the point is reached where you and one or more of the faculty feel that a subject has been sufficiently defined for you to begin concentrated work on it. Preparation for final submission The candidate should consult the SGPS webpage on Thesis Regulations for up-to-date format requirements. These bursaries are awarded to students from Ontario with demonstrated financial need.


For more information regarding the prize, eligibility, and the nomination process, please visit our website: Nomination survey closes January 15, You will next draw up a prospectus see below in close consultation with your supervisor.

If revisions continue into a new term, registration and related fee charges will also continue into the new term until the final copy of the thesis is submitted.

Last day to receive approval of the Thesis Proposal. Western is one of the few universities in Ontario that offers a Graduate Student Internship Program specifically for research-based graduate students. Also, it can be difficult to find a date when all parties can attend defence.

After your thesls supervisor has approved your thesis, follow the instructions below for submitting your ETD documents to Scholarship Western. Your final submission must be submitted as the conclusion to this original submission.

Ask Western – Western University

Sign the letter here. There should be no projection of probable conclusions. To avoid registration and charges in the following term, the final thesis submission must take place by the last day of the current term see chart below.

Students in the thesis option are required to complete 5 course creditsas well as the thesis proposal and thesis. If you had submitted a.

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A thoroughly prepared and carefully written prospectus will save you from confused motives, false starts, and muddled procedures. You can navigate through your directories and folders until you find the correct file to upload.

Make your own way to Boler via car or bus.


uwo thesis submission deadline

Our past conferences have seen upwards of attendees, and feature keynote speakers, submissioon expert panel, an undergraduate poster competition, a graduate student research expo, and an industry expo with Ontario companies looking to hire STEM degree holders. Students without an approved proposal by June 15 will automatically be placed in the Major Research Paper option. The Graduate Regulations of the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies should be consulted carefully with regard to the regulation of examinations.

Do I submit copies of my documents or originals?

uwo thesis submission deadline

When the final draft of the prospectus has been approved by your supervisor, you should forward a copy of it to the Chair of the Committee on Graduate Studies via the Graduate Assistant, who will distribute it to the members of the Committee on Graduate Studies in English for review and approval. Last day to submit Draft Thesis Proposal no longer than 10 double-spaced pages approx. How does Western collect references for my application to uso studies? What happens after a successful thesis examination?

SOGS offers the Wellness Joint Fund for departments to help support wellness events for graduate students on and hwo campus.

Preliminary Submission

Tickets will be made available in the SOGS office. Your information and responses are anonymous and confidential. Students, staff, and faculty may nominate graduate student teaching assistants. Although this process is prioritized over other graduate chair commitments and can sometimes be completed quite rapidly, equally and unpredictably it may well consume two or even three weeks.