They will dissect the proposed law in a calm and reasonable manner that will not incite anger and hopelessness. Sadly, it works among a greatly superstitious people who believe rumor over fact because it is somehow intoxicating. I think that your last sentence is a forecast of the future, if Congress and others do their job on the BBL. Agree on all with 5. If somebody could please make a Table of Contents at least for the Articles and major parts, it would be very helpful. ArtSpeak with Antoni Muntadas. As a rule, the Committee reaches a decision only at its very last meeting before the announcement of the Prize at the beginning of October.

Accordingly, one of the theses of the peace process in the Philippines is its reliance on the power of the chief executive — the power of the President — to deliver and implement a peace agreement, and his thesis is that compared to the governments of Marcos and Cory, there is the gradual decay or the gradual lessening of the power of the chief executive if gleaned from the government-sponsored legislation. All autonomous region symbols must be subsidiary to national symbols. I recognized that the issue is in a way complicated and that my proposal may not really addressed it due to the simpleness of it, but maybe the issue might not be complicated…. Legal frameworks are often built on moral principles built upon lessons learned from this religion or that, and generally represent ideals most people believe are good. Saleeby was more knowledgeable about the history, culture, and contemporary political culture of the separate Muslim peoples of the Philippines than any other colonial administrator during the US administration. Sa Isyu pa rin ng Bangsamoro Basic Law

A little bit of coaching from an assistant professor every two weeks, only presentation to my professor every 2 months thats it. But in dealing with rebels or foreign states, you are on the street and there are no enforceable rules so you have to be a bit aso.


On the Bangsamoro Basic Law

Erap tignan mo rin, ikaw may deskarte ka. Political people basically think in distortions and lies, so the bit about coveting a Nobel peace prize is sheer lunacy.

bangsamoro basic law thesis statement

It is also difficult on the part of the GRP going to the negotiation table with the citizenry and some lawmakers not fully convince that the other side is on the same page with them. April 3, at 2: Mindanao and the documentary tradition Published: He is from the Mississipi area after all.

For me, your assessment provided clarity in that I now think the BBL can only be viewed in the context of the motives of the Moro leadership. But there is not unerring foresight. March 30, at 3: Who will be President is important but as long as it is not a crook the difference will be minor, while what happens to the Bangsamoro question is a make-or-break thing for the nation.

I am a bit disappointed at how few answers have come to this article, where it is about a real national issue, while when it is about people or groups everybody is there.

Bangsamoro Basic Law

So democracy itself is a living institution. This erosion of Muslim identities was further sustained except for some token recognition that began during the Marcos period by successive Philippine colonial administrations.

Secession from the Republic of the Philippines.

bangsamoro basic law thesis statement

Tribal laws are respected, Local Courts mentioned in only one section very vaguely. The creation of the BBL is the Moros way of telling the national government to keep its hands to itself and shut up. Whereas the West German state had gained restricted stagement in Maythe Sarrois rejected in a referendum the transformation of their protectorate into an independent state.

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What the Moros want for themselves they should give others. The candidates eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize are those persons or organizations nominated by qualified individuals.


Delaying this must mean an equal amount of poverty targeting for Bangsamoro claimed places. Not everyone understands the situation. If that is not true, the fault rests with the party that has broken faith, not the party that trusts.

University rectors; professors of social sciences, history, philosophy, law and theology; directors of peace research institutes and foreign policy institutes. Huwag nang patagalin pa ang pagkamit nitong katarungang panlipunan.

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Being Islam as a way of life, and unless it involves more money, the government would be off limits to what solution the Moros would opt for regarding bangsxmoro fate. Whether indigenous or migrant, Muslims do not assimilate. The Lumads may freely practice their indigenous customs, traditions and beliefs, but they are still identified and known as Bangsamoros under the authority of the BJE.

I had the impression that Sharia derives from the common sources of the Koran and the Sunnah. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Any volunteers to read and summarize this? Rumor And the culture of corruption he fosters seems to trouble investors. For our reference a lookback at MO AD http: The purpose of this analysis is to help advance a reasonable decision regarding BBL, as President Aquino stated in his speech; and to further constructive discussion to push out destructive critics.

April 1, at 8: April 3, at 9: