Make accurate and effective use of paragraphs This is very closely allied to content and it is sometimes difficult to separate the two in good writing. Accreditation portfolios Portfolio 2, Candidate B Assignment 2 Answer Paradise Everyone regards paradise to be the most exhilarating experience in the world. Science Chemistry , Biology Singapore. Friday and Saturday evenings are truly the most likely times to come across an accident. About the coursework component 1.

It was an eerie, uncanny smile, the sort that makes the recipient very nervous indeed. The same goes for Francistown. Another suggestion could have a lunch date instead of the usually, a day activity always is fun and shows an outgoing personality. The spelling was generally correct and the candidate used commas throughout the letter. And gets in the water supply. Students need to be guided by teachers to a manageable scale of question or title on any large topic. The purpose of the writing is to argue, persuade and advise.

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Many of these Asian imports are so fast you would still be looking at the spot you thought the vehicle was at the last second when it is already half a kilometre away. How can I escape???

However that was not what I wanted; besides my dad turns into a different person when he is working. Courseeork assignment can be anything that is non-narrative. Lastly, you give a specific mark from your chosen band.

I was at the Fairfax Hospital. He thought that the existing rating system was sufficient. After such a discussion there may be some beneficial sharing of ideas.

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Why should a footballer earn so much more than a life saving surgeon — surely he or she should be recognised far more than the credit an artistically inconsistent performance is given by a show maker in ninety minutes!


Where accreditation is not awarded, the teacher will receive a report that provides guidance on areas of the assessment that need to be revised. Against this, the content is somewhat meagre and there are shortcomings in the overall structure and the development of individual ideas. If video games are banned, then people will find a way to get them. Assessment — writing This writing is clear and fluent.

She sent me to the rose block number one. They put computers in landfills and this is toxic waste, it might leak out of the landfills and get in your water supply.

The rules of the game look rather murky to say the least in the minds of young adults and this is where my guideline is put o good use. With such a large number of people attending this festival, there is no doubt that riots will be caused.

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Even when the source is a newspaper, the cousrework is often edited and the paragraphs short and undeveloped. Gerom is a 45 year old and he had worked there for more than twenty-five years. Candidates write with some confidence, cuorsework an emergent range of varied vocabulary and some fluency in the construction of sentences. Most people regard the Eiffel Tower to be an amazing spectacle to watch and my time there was certainly wonderful.

Then everything went dark. Facts, ideas and opinions are ordered logically, each stage in the argument or narrative carefully linked to the next.


There is then the behaviour that propels drivers to just speed faster than their brains can work. Setting tasks You have already considered the overall structure of the portfolio. As far as the paragraphs are concerned, the cambbridge has some development, but coursewok the speech progresses they are weaker and not particularly well ordered. After fixing the wires into a strange, button-covered box on his desk, Mr Wobble returned the screwdriver to the now empty suitcase.

cambridge igcse 0522 coursework

Learners are also encouraged to read widely, both for their dambridge enjoyment and to further their awareness of the ways in which English can be used.

Why let past first date disasters spoil the night when there are more possible for a prosperous relationship unfolding.

cambridge igcse 0522 coursework

Arguments are expressed with variable relevance, logic and development. The use of occasional short paragraphs as of a media article is appropriate in this case. On the large black box which the teacher was slowly caressing. Setting tasks Assignment 1 — Example 2 Write the uninterrupted speech you would like to have given at the end of the meeting to discuss the proposed pop festival in Upper Coursewok Good day ladies and gentlemen.

That is casualties in to 7, casualties in ! Remember the small house Couraework talked about?

cambridge igcse 0522 coursework

Make accurate and effective use of grammatical structures and sentences At a low level, there is little sign of a personal style.