No, we do not require a GRE score. Contact Information For inquiries and assistance regarding course selection, IDP requirements and approval, and capstone report marking, students can contact the MEng Advisor: FAQs How long will it take to finish? Importantly, you must be registered in MEC E in the academic term in which you complete and submit the capstone report. When are capstone presentation sessions? Begin by searching for a supervisor for your research.

Courses that have been applied to an awarded degree cannot be counted. The structure of capstone presentation sessions can vary depending on the number of graduates. What kind of job will I get? Complete satisfactorily a comprehensive project that represents an original contribution to professional knowledge and practice in the field of communications and technology. What should I expect at the capstone presentation session? What happens if I want to change my topic, program, or supervisor?

MEng Graduate Advisor contact information: The CIL capstone project is a personal essay, where you reflect on what you have learned as you completed the various projject of the Certificate e.

Here are some tips! Unless there are compelling circumstances, academic probation will be imposed, with terms that must be met in order to complete the degree.

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By the end of your second Spring Institute you are encouraged to have a supervisor in place. Two readers, including a capstone supervisor, must approve the M.


capstone project ualberta

If you can not find a supervisor then apply to the course-based programs. Importantly, you must be registered in MEC E in the academic term in which you complete and submit the capstone report.

May I take courses from another institution s and apply the credit s toward my degree from the U of A? Capstone projects must be attached to a capstone claim and submitted in the CIL database. Typical completion times, including coursework and thesis or project where applicableare as follows: What is a CIL capstone project?

capstone project ualberta

MEC E Registration After a capstone project has been selected, please complete the following registration form: Once all necessary revisions have been made, the uaalberta and second reader will sign the MEC E Completion Signature form indicating formal satisfaction of the capstone project requirements and successful completion of MEC E For further information regarding the MEng Admissions: In the best capstone projects, students analyze the full range of their CIL-related experiences.

Here is a brief and incomplete list of reasonable expectations: How have I changed? It is your ualberrta who determines when your project is satisfactorily completed.

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How do I submit my capstone project? Although students work with a supervisory committee to oversee their thesis work, only one professor typically has the primary responsibility of supervising the student and providing funding support. Please ensure your capstone project is saved and attached as a. Merely describe your experiences. How do I find out more?


Your acpstone will guide you as you develop your final research project proposal and through the completion of the project. MEC E Registration form. The project’s practical and professional focus should integrate the core areas of study in the program.

A student should discuss the options with the Graduate Chair.

capstone project ualberta

Yes, you must complete ENGG Students are invited to these sessions by email. Learn how to cwpstone and submit a claim. Honour the uniqueness of your experiences. Some questions worth considering might be: Consider the full range of activities i.

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Uapberta of international and global issues and systems. At the end of each term, graduating students present the highlights of their capstone project to one another at an informal gathering. Completion of the capstone project requires submission of a capstone report.