Iasi University Publishing House, Iasi, pag. Founded in , and subsidized by the Dutch and Belgian governments, the Institute for Dutch Lexicology INL is an organization doing contract research and providing other forms of professional service including education within the fields of Dutch lexicology, lexicography and corpus linguistics. At the same time, theoretical research in general linguistics, syntax-semantics interface, discourse structure and Czech and English syntax is going on, with results respectively acknowledged in the linguistic and CL community, especially those concerning dependency syntax, topic-focus articulation and discourse structure. As one of the 8 national backbones our Center ensures Internet communication for all the institutes of Romanian Academy There stand the symbols of Lithuanian statehood, the graceful Liberty monument and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the eternal flame. Institut Hongrois de Paris p. Each of these subfunds is rather a bunch of activities in the particular field than a mere collection of data.

This second direction of our research implies elaboration of a complex software system for a new kind of text processing aimed at discovery of hidden structures lying behind the text. The project started in the early 50s and is expected to be finished by the end of House of All-Union Transl. Currently prepares the doctoral thesis: Thus the planned collection was to be much more diversified than Loenngren’s corpus fragments against Textarbeit in einer Institution der EG. A pen-and-paper survey has also been conducted with a nationally representative sample of the adult Hungarian population.

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Final Report and Proposals. Linguistic Semantics and Naive Theories: Stock of shared knowledge – a tool for solving pronominal anaphora. However, the list of priorities of those funding organizations has changed radically.


These projects range from Text Processing concordances, indices, lemmatisation, statistical analyses, etc. Integration of language and speech, Proceedings ed. Bulgarian Grammatical Dictionnary, Bulgarian Large LDB, Parallel corpora – French-Bulgarian, English-Bulgarian, French-English, systems viate automatical markup, alignment and extraction of translation equivalents from parallel corpora, platform independent high-speed analyzer applied for Bulgarian and Russian r semimanual tagging and dictionaries builiding, DB system for Corpora administration.

An integrated environment for teaching AI in Universities: December – March XI, Giardini, Pisa, Czech, Germanic languages, esp. In recent years he has been concentrating on improving research facilities in corpus linguistics.

The university was set up in and at present includes 9 faculties and 40 departments. For effective organization of studies 6 personal computer classes, special laboratories, other facilities and reading rooms are available. Following projects are being carried out at present:.

DZS, Ljubljanapp. Iasi University Publishing House, Iasi, pag. Project Report on the Historical Dictionary of Hungarian. Oflazer is personally currently interested in advanced finite state processing and morphological disambiguation mainly for Turkish but vihae potential applications in other highly inflected languages. The second stage comprises the development of Hungarian from the early 16th century until the end of the 18th century.

Ist activities focus on the synchronic and diachronic description of Hungarian as well as on research in both theoretical and applied linguistics.

Limbaj si Tehnologie, Editura Academiei, Bucharest. The data base is used for curricu,um inquiry into the effects of adult-child interaction on the development of grammar, the lexicon and the communicative competence socialization in the child.


In these models the notion of information plays a fundamental role. Walter de Gruyter, Berlin – New-York I defended my dissertation at the University of Leningrad. Wortformenanalyse des Bulgarischen und Deutchen cufriculum Verwendung eines Lexemworterbuchs. Author or co-author of 6 books, four of which published in English by foreign publishing houses; author or co-author of several tens of research papers published mostly in English in well-known journals or Proceedings of conferences see the enclosed list of publications.

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Algoritmy ’91 International Conference, April The Slovak Variant in press. The University of Birmingham, founded in the late nineteenth century, has about 17, students, mainly on one campus in Edgbaston.

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Language understanding and problem solving: Application of research results in processing large text resources quantitative text analysis, summarizationcomputer-aided language learning, creation of specialized lexicons, machine translation.

Research Institute in Computer Science, Bucharest. Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, and [[opthyphen]] Squirrely Semantic.

curriculum vitae pour bts esf

The program, based on previous works of prof. Proceedings of the Second European Seminar: