The case study “Charles du Fay”]. Major areas of research-based curriculum development are multimedia in science education, methods of science teaching, competence model-oriented tasks and problems for students, teaching about the history and nature of science, teaching of essential science concepts, development of textbooks and teaching materials. April bis zum Elektrische und magnetische Anziehung unter der Lupe: Vom Sehen zur Optik.

Looking Back into the Future: Materials for teaching and learning with the history of science and about reflecting on the nature of science]. Judgement and Decision-Making as a Competence]. The role of teaching and learning about the nature of science. Students’ beliefs about the diachronic nature of science: Elektrostatik und ihre Geschichte im Physikunterricht [Electrostatics and its history in physics education]. Proceedings of the Association for the Didactics of Chemistry and Physics].

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How and what can we learn from replicating historical experiments? Learning physics in a civil society: He is currently working as a lecturer at the physics teacher training programme at the University of Bremen.

Fachdidaktische und wissenschaftshistorische Untersuchungen [Understanding the nature of science historically. Didaktik der Physik- PhysikertagungS.


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Jahrestagung in Essen Aufgaben zum Kompetenzbereich Bewerten [Student centered exercises on judgement and decision-making].

Otto von Guericke and the sulphur ball]. LIT-Verlag Klasse nach dem Modell der Didaktischen Rekonstruktion [From vision to optics: Articles in Conference Proceedings Feser, M.

Jahrestagung in Essen [Competences, competence models, competence development. Standbilder und Statue bauen zum Klimawandel. A sustainable network between the project partners will be established for the development and exchange of know-how and experiences.

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Jahrestagung in Essen S. Proceedings of the Association for the Didactics of Chemistry and Physics. Urteilen und Entscheiden in Kontexten nachhaltiger Entwicklung [Judgment and decision-making in context of sustainable development]. Biology Education currently vacantChemistry Education Prof.

Forschendes Lernen und historische Fallstudien im Vergleich.

dissertation dietmar höttecke

Themenheft “Kompetenzbereich Bewertung — Anregungen zu den Bildungsstandards”. Interests in Research and Development history and philosophy of science in science teaching judgement and socio-scientific decision-making nature of science in science education education for sustainable development role of mathematics in physics learning role of language in science learning.

He did his PhD in the intersection of experimental physics, history of physics and science education summa cum laude. Ingo Eilksand Physics Education Prof. Weiss, Fachlich argumentieren höttwcke S. A collection of invited papers inspired by the 20th Symposium on Idetmar and Science Education held at the University of Bremen, May pp.


Prof. Dr. Dietmar Höttecke

Von der Alltags- zur Bildungssprache. Bewerten, Urteilen, Entscheiden — ein Kompetenzbereich im Physikunterricht. What dissertatioon the social, cultural and philosophical foundations of science? Lehberger, Kooperationen in der Lehrerbildung.

dissertation dietmar höttecke

Efficiency in technoscientific and economic contexts]. Naturwissenschaften im Unterricht – Physik, 22 Erste Ergebnisse der Arbeitsgruppe Physik. Students’ decision-making on issues of sustainability — beyond rational choice höttceke. Looking Back into the Future: The Physics Education Working Group recently has launched its new website.

Wissenschaftsgeschichte im naturwissenschaftlichen Unterricht [History of science in science education]. Ethisches Bewerten im naturwissenschaftlichen Unterricht.