It could be argued that the perception of a fall in public standards is linked to the shifting role of the state, which is undergoing tremendous reform. By doing so, I canmake her realize that what she did is a prohibited act and that it should not be done to thegovernment employees. My clients entrust me with their works and pay me appropriately. As public servants are asked to take on new and sometimes conflicting roles, there is a need for a cost-effective structure and an encouraging culture to enforce standards and guide their behavior. It should be used for their social mobility. This made them doubt andthink twice before taking actions on the matter. This political commitment, while difficult to benchmark, has been demonstrated by some policy pronouncements.

It also has quasi-judicial powers. Non-compliance with the QS by agencies in the processing of appointments of their staff results in the disapproval by the CSC of such appointments. Literature Review Dissertation chapter: It is right to act in certain way because that is what it has always been done. Every department, office and agency shall conduct continuing studies and analyses of their work systems and procedures to improve delivery of public services.

Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials

Another comprehensive law passed to address and curb the commission of malfeasance in government is Republic Act No. This is because I know from the verybeginning that accepting money is a prohibited act. What he meant was that he is just in that position because of the people.

Justness and Sincerity Can you recall an experience when your honesty was tested? While it istrue that most media fabricate some parts of the news due to their individual biases and that their main purpose is to earn profit, reporting things to media yield a lot of benefit for thewhistleblowers. Maybe she should go to theDENR because this is the proper agency to inform and consult about the matter, because if shewill go either to the press or to the politician, the issue will just create noise and will put her lifein danger.


Failure to attend to clients who are within the premises of the office or agency concerned prior to the end of official working hours and during lunch break.

I will just explain to him that like him I am just performing my job.

Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards Essay

Most of them are government employees who reportcorruption in essayy respective offices. Companies that do not offer on-going learning will not be able to keep with those oj do. The Code, likewise, introduced some reforms in the administrative systems like giving heads of agencies the responsibility of ensuring there is a value development program for their employees; continuing studies on work systems and procedures with the end in view of improving the delivery if public services; and, mandating the designation of a resident Ombudsman in every department, office and agency.

People give money to the public or government employees as a form of gratitude.

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The law was made for everyone. This made them da andthink twice before taking actions on the matter. I will assure that thatreputation will not haunt my batch of civil servants. The Constitution rra the Philippines provides the basis of ethical and accountable behavior in the public sector. Whistleblowersalways face the consequences of their actions such as different lawsuits and termination fromtheir respective works.

Aside from that,he has no permit. It is mandated to investigate and prosecute the criminal liability of public officials and employees involved in graft and corruption. I became more aware of my duties and responsibilities and that these should be discharge with high standard of ethics. The Gallup study shows a clear link between training and job satisfaction.


Public officials and employees shall at all times be accountable to the people and shall discharge their duties with utmost responsibility, integrity, competence and loyalty, act with patriotism and justice, lead modest lives, and uphold public interest over personal interest. A company esday only move as fast as its employees, so the ones that train and develop people will move much more quickly.

Case Study 1If I were the official concern, I will make further investigations on the matter. However, administrative discipline is not a function within the exclusive jurisdiction of CSC.

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A that public officials and r shall utmost devotion and dedication to the duty. Another thing is that these politicians will use the scandal to elevate their status and popularityamong the people to gain votes for the elections. The knowledge of the populace itself about the situation will secure the person.

Summary of R.A. No. ~ Official Notes

Expressed in terms of ratio to the total population, the growth in the size of the Philippine government personnel lends some firm basis for the popular perception of a bloated bureaucracy.

This will bring him bothadvantages and disadvantages.

Every department, office and agency shall consult the public they serve for the purpose of gathering feedback and suggestions on the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of services. Basically, all of us were victims of dishonesty. And these natural calamities destroyed many 6173 properties of many people. Many companies make the mistake of assuming that employees are only seeking financial benefits for their jobs.

Non-compliance with the QS by agencies in the processing esswy appointments of their staff results in the disapproval by the CSC of such appointments.

essay on ra 6713

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