For internally assessed units, you do not need to inform us of learner malpractice. This course will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete. Policies must not be produced solely to satisfy the requirements of the JCQ inspection. Alternatively, this function may be allocated to a named member or members of staff. Exams officers and invigilators have a range of tasks to undertake at the start of an exam, so to have a senior leader on hand to deal with any student-related issues can be of great assistance and helps create a calm er atmosphere prior to the exam. Note that any queries regarding special consideration must be directed to the relevant awarding body and not to JCQ.

These will usually be the candidate s or the responsible members of staff. Select the relevant tab below for more information. GCSE Biology The moderator discovered similar and identical passages in the work of two candidates which led him to suspect that candidate A had copied the work of candidate B. The centre manager, who was also the internal verifier, had claimed the certificates knowing that evidence was incomplete. Many cases of staff malpractice are unintentional, yet they still compromise the process of assessment and the integrity of any qualification.

If you suspect that a member of staff has committed malpractice malpractive that maladministration of the qualification may have occurred, you must let us know by emailing a completed JCQ M2a Form to pqsmalpractice pearson. Access to prohibited cuorsework must be enforced and candidates with access arrangements must not be assisted beyond what is permitted by the regulations.

Suspension of certification Loss of the integrity of assessment decisions; danger of invalid claims for certification. The funding agencies will also usually conduct their own investigation if fraud is suspected. The investigation Investigations carried out by the head of centre 6. The candidate was disqualified from the whole qualification penalty 7and barred from sitting any examinations with the awarding body for one year penalty 9.

Other instances of malpractice may be identified and considered by the awarding bodies at their discretion. The awarding body will consider whether that integrity might be jeopardised if an coursewkrk found to have indulged in malpractice were to be involved in the future conduct, supervision or administration of the awarding body’s examinations or assessments.


If a candidate has not requested aggregation the option is penalty 6. The centre reported the similarities had come about because candidates had learned set phrases by rote, and the topics were the same as those used for the Speaking unit. It details procedures for dealing with suspected malpractice on the part of candidates, centre staff and any others involved in managing the delivery of qualifications, and for taking appropriate action to maintain the integrity of the qualifications.


The centre held no records of candidate contact details. Deal with candidate malpractice in the correct and appropriate manner: Compliance and Malpractice online course CCEA offer guidance and support in preventing malpractice in examinations and assessments.

The head of centre will be required to make available an appropriate venue for such interviews. In certain circumstances it may be necessary for the head of centre to exercise discretion, in the light of all the circumstances of the case, as to the timing and the means by which an allegation of malpractice and the corsework evidence is presented to the individual s involved.

The development and oversight for all policies must lie with a member of icq SLT. Sometimes these reports are anonymous. This sanction applies only to NVQs and similarly assessed and verified qualifications. Three of the four candidates continued to disrupt the examination despite being warned by an invigilator.

Whether the malpractice involves candidates, teachers, invigilators or other administrative staff, this cooperation is essential to guarantee the fairness and integrity of Pearson qualifications.

As the work submitted did not permit the coursswork to form a judgement on the individual abilities of the candidates; it could not be accepted. Failure by a centre to investigate allegations of suspected malpractice in foursework with the requirements in this document also constitutes malpractice.

jcq coursework malpractice

In such cases the awarding body will advise the head of centre in writing that it proposes to deal directly with the candidate. The JCQ Centre Inspection Service operates in relation to general qualifications and examined vocational qualifications.


jcq coursework malpractice

Where an allegation of malpractice is made against a head of centre, the responsibilities set out in this document as applying to the head of centre shall be read as applying to such other person nominated to investigate the matter by the relevant awarding body, such as the Chair of Governors. This document details the procedures for investigating and determining allegations of malpractice which in their fairness, thoroughness, impartiality and objectivity meet or exceed the requirements of current law in relation to such matters.

Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. If you suspect malpractice, you should report it to your Head of Centre in the first instance, who has the responsibility to report malpractice to us at the earliest opportunity. JCQ Form M1 — suspected candidate malpractice. The awarding body decided that the evidence clearly pointed to the fact that copying had taken place between the candidates.

Compliance and Malpractice online course | CCEA

There was evidence of an added sentence. Reflecting on the available information, the awarding body judged that the advice given to the candidates was specific in nature and would have assisted them.

As he was seriously coursewok the other candidates, he was then asked to leave the room by the invigilator but insisted on having his walkman back. This section has been structured in line with the key activities of the exam cycle, ranging from key dates, access arrangements, conducting exams to results and post results services.

GCE Geography The head of centre reported that towards the end of a GCE AS Geography examination the subject teacher entered the examination room, and after asking the invigilators permission to speak, gave the candidates general advice on how to respond to the questions on the paper.