The book was viewed as scandalous at the time of its initial publication, though the real intentions of the author remain unknown. Almost everyone who has written about it has noted how perfunctory are the wages of sin Roughly speaking, one has to make a general abstract conversion of the different facets that identify the great literary works of the 18 th century and apply them to painting. By the time Valmont has succeeded in seducing Madame de Tourvel, he seems to have fallen in love with her. It is in fact one of the main goals of the libertines to assert their identity in the only realm that does not seem to limit their actions: Although the Marquise keeps stressing her uniqueness in comparison to other women of the period, she gets pushed to the point where she is about to enact the most feminine weakness and make a declaration of her love to Valmont. Furthermore, it is the era of the trio of brilliant philosophical thinkers Voltaire, Rousseau, and last but not least Diderot.

France during the 18 th century was a fruitful ground for the development of a variety of sophisticated styles. This tendency can also be identified when observing the exotic, fictive, and even utopian attributes of Rococo writing style. Jealous, Merteuil tricks him into deserting Madame de Tourvel—and reneges on her promise of spending the night with him. For example the scene where St. Having explored the complexity of the 18 th century from its very beginning while primarily focusing on the Rococo, I would like to conclude by restating that we are dealing with a hybrid period that bears a large variety of controversies, contradictions and even paradoxes.

Instead, I would like to concentrate disssrtation a more specific, individual, and concrete interpretation of the Rococo painting style. In particular, the letters between Valmont and the Marquise drive the plot, with those of their victims and other characters serving as contrasting figures to give the story its depth.

Analyse du Deuxième Sexe (Simone De Beauvoir)

Duplicity, intrigue, and treachery make the situation very complex. I am well aware of the fact that there are multiple interpretations of Les Liaisons Dangereuses in general, as well as of this particular issue, depending on the subjectivity of the protagonists.


Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The era of the Rococo was about to begin.

les liaisons dangereuses roman féministe dissertation

Lialsons, this representation is not entirely precise and truthful. These letters are sufficient to ruin her reputation so she flees to the countryside, where she contracts smallpox.

Regarding the beginning of the 18 th century when the Rococo emerged, one has to remember the presence of controversial circumstances at that point in time. People claimed to miss the formal and solemn aesthetic approach to the arts from the past, which they believed fméiniste be a more reasonable concept since it was not bound to time, changes, or innovation of any kind.

les liaisons dangereuses roman féministe dissertation

Creative balance, powerful harmony, and an artistic equilibrium are established dissdrtation both domains, literature and painting of the 18 th century. His delicate coloring, witty characterization, and spontaneous ,es ensured that even his most erotic subjects are never vulgar, and his finest work has an irresistible verve and joyfulness.

We get to know enigmatic characters and femmes fatales that are powerfully attracted to les jolies choses and consequently represent the typical Rococo personage, for example Manon Lescaut. However, at the same time they absolutely succeed in remaining full of life and incessant movement, very similar to the rapidity, shortness, and suggestive aspect of the writing style of the period.

Style Rococo, Style des Lumières

Whereas Richardson uses the technique of letters to provide the reader with a feeling of knowing the protagonist’s true and intimate thoughts, Laclos’ use of this literary device is exactly opposite: In the chapter pointedly called Le NezZadig almost loses his nose in order to prove to his wife how fast the ways of love can change.

Just like in Rococo literature, we also notice a kind of inner contradiction in the visual arts of the period. The scandalous success of Les Liaisons Dangereuses and its cynical portrayal of the relations between the two sexes are closely tied to the concept of libertinage. As political life and private morals relaxed, the change was mirrored by a new style in art, one that was intimate, decorative, and often erotic.


This tendency can also be identified when observing the exotic, fictive, and even utopian attributes of Rococo writing style. In other words, after having made an approach to Rococo that went hand in hand with the description of the art of writing, we are now required to focus on elements of a primarily visual nature.

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Laclos and the Epistolary Novel. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The style in question is characterized by a spontaneity of expression, a theatrical atmosphere, and the reflection of an unstable society that is split between aristocratic and bourgeois values.

les liaisons dangereuses roman féministe dissertation

I have chosen dangeresues particular Fragonard painting to be the subject of my analysis. Jealous, Merteuil tricks him into deserting Madame de Tourvel—and reneges on her promise of spending the night with him. Consequently, the accomplices become rivals in the art of seduction and lose control.

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We are exposed to a new kind of sensuality, emotionalism, and even sentimentalism. However, this theory has been questioned on several grounds. Leipzig and Berlin, Oxford and New York, According to Todd in her book Sensibility: By continuing to use the site, you agree to our cookie policy.

Nevertheless, one is also facing the same set of crucial contradictions.